WhatsApp is launching a new tab called ‘what’s new’ where users can find statuses and channels they choose to follow apart from their conversations with their family, friends and community.

New channel functionality It is a one-way broadcasting tool for administrators. To send text, photos, videos, stickers and polls.

The idea is that the media, companies, teams or influencers have a way to send notifications to people’s WhatsApp, and they can also each choose who they’re interested in getting information from, hobbies, sports teams, news from local authorities, and more. more. more.

It also allows a channel to be accessed from invite links sent via chat or email or posted online.

Colombia and Singapore are the two countries where channels will be rolled out first to create, learn and adapt the experience. In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out to more countries than Meta and allowing anyone to join a channel.

“We also believe there is an opportunity to support managers by offering them a way to build a business in their channel through our expanded paid services, as well as the ability to promote specific channels in the directory to raise awareness,” he said. company.

The original idea of ​​WhatsApp is to send private messages between friends, family and communities.Channel creation offers a big step our users have wanted for a long time.

“We believe it’s finally time to integrate a simple, reliable and private transfer tool. Therefore, the personal information of both admins and followers is protected,” the firm added.

Your phone number and profile photo will not be shown to a channel’s followers, your phone number to the admin or other followers. The user decides who to follow and this choice is private.

Additionally, the channel history will only be there for a maximum of 30 days. Admins will also have the option to block the options to take screenshots and forward content from the channel.

Admins can decide who can follow their channels and whether they want their channel to appear in the directory.

Source: Exame

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