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iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max (Ultra): Everything we know a week after its release

We summarize all the tummies and leaks of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max a few days after its official launch.

We review everything we know about the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro. Concept by @atuos_user

In just a few days, Apple will unveil its new iPhone 15, and thanks to the leaks and rumors that have surfaced in recent months, we already know very well how it happened and most of the news. Just as we’ve analyzed everything we know about the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, now it’s your turn. Meet the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro MaxSo: spoiler alert!

Everything we know about the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max

Every year rumors foreshadow all the news, and aside from surprises, there’s very little we don’t know about the new iPhone. In the case of iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, that’s all we know a few days after their official presentation.

Blue iPhone 15 Pro concept

Only a few days left until we meet the iPhone 15

New design

In general, the iPhone 15 Pro will be very similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, although Rumors and leaks indicate that we will experience significant design differences this year. In addition, the dimensions of the devices will be more compact and slightly thicker. Taking into account everything we know, here are the possible design changes of the iPhone 15 Pro:

  • titanium body. Apple will replace the stainless steel bezel we’ve seen since the iPhone X with a titanium bezel, a stronger and lighter material we already have in the Apple Watch Ultra.
  • round side. The edges will be a mix of the flat design introduced with the iPhone 12 and the rounded design of the previous iPhone. It will be slightly curved at the corners and straight in the centre.
  • Extremely thin side bezels. The iPhone 15 Pro will have the thinnest side bezels on the market, only 1.55mm is mentioned so the screen will practically reach the body limit of the device.
iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Pro models will have a more professional look with titanium

  • New action button. The button that toggles between silent and sound modes on the iPhone may be replaced this year with a new customizable button.
  • new colors. Apple usually introduces a new color with each generation of iPhone Pro; the last being Midnight Green, Pacific Blue, Alpine Blue and Dark Purple. But with the iPhone 15 Pro we were able to see two new colors, Space Black and Silver, as well as Dark Blue and Gray to replace Gold.
The rumored colors of the iPhone 15 Pro

The rumored colors of the iPhone 15 Pro match the colors on the invitation. via picture AppleBasicGuy

  • new measures:
    • iPhone 15 Pro: 146.47×70.46×8.24mm
    • iPhone 14 Pro: 147.46×71.45×7.84mm
    • iPhone 15 Pro Maximum: 159.9 x 76.7 x 8.3mm
    • iPhone 14 Pro Maximum: 160.7 x 77.6 x 7.85mm

USB-C connection

This is a generational change and like the regular iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro to launch USB-C connectivity A connection that will be faster on the iPhone than on the regular iPhone 15. Pro models are said to have either USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3, which data transfer rates of up to 40 Gbps.

USB-C on iPhone

All iPhone 15s will come with USB-C connectivity

Chip A17 Bionic

Apple will release a New chip is coming to iPhone 15 Pros and this time the differences will be significantThe A17 Bionic chip will return, thanks to the 3 nm production method, it will be much more powerful than its competitors. We expect a bigger improvement than we’ve seen between the A15 and A16.


As for the cameras, it is expected Complete renewal of the three main sensors of the iPhone 15 Pro. The sensors are expected to be able to capture more light and take better pictures while maintaining the same resolutions.

  • 48MP main camera.
  • 12MP ultra-wide-angle sensor.
  • 12MP telephoto sensor.
Blue iPhone 15 Pro concept

The iPhone 15 Pro’s cameras promise a lot

But it’s in this last sensor where we’re going to obscure the big differences. The iPhone 15 Pro Max will continue the fundamental improvement on this generation’s cameras by adding a periscope sensor. will offer more optical zoomThis sensor can zoom up to 5 or 6 magnifications.

Internal storage

One of the recent rumors to surface suggests that the entry-level iPhone 15 Pro will double the storage, starting at 256GB. So instead of the 128 GB that the current iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro have, Apple will further diversify its professional range doubling the storage space of the base model.


If the rumors are true, it could increase the capacity of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max batteries by 14% and 12%. This means: Biggest battery size increase in living memoryCombined with the highest efficiency of the A17 Bionic chip, it will leave us an iPhone with a lot of autonomy.

  • iPhone 15 Pro: 3,650 mAh
  • iPhone 14 Pro: 3,200mAh
  • iPhone 15 Pro Maximum: 4,852 mAh
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: 4,323 mAh
iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max processed based on CAD files

iPhone 15 Pro is Apple’s best this year


This is a Mystery that won’t be solved until Apple officially releases them and reach stores in different countries. Last year, the price of the iPhone 14 did not increase in the United States, but did increase in many countries around the world.

HE Apple is said to be able to increase the price of the iPhone 15 Pro by $ 100 to $ 200but this was something that was rumored last year as well. Therefore, we cannot confirm that this increase will be real or that it will be the same in all countries.

Release date

taking into account, iPhone 15 keynote will be held on September 12it will most likely go on sale next Friday and will start reaching all users a week later. As long as there is no delay in production. If everything continues as usual, here are the dates you should consider:

  • Introduction of iPhone 15: September 12
  • iPhone 15 reservation: 15 September
  • Launch of iPhone 15: September 22

This Everything we know about the next iPhone 15 ProMany new features are expected, but hopefully Apple has saved some interesting surprises that we didn’t know about. In just a few days we will clear your doubts and tell you all the secrets of the new iPhone.

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max (Ultra): Everything we know a week after its release iPhone 15

Brand view Release date 2023

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