Only the farthest from the topic has not heard that this year there will be no iPhone 14 mini, and instead we will see the iPhone 14 Plus (or Max).

Despite the elegance and convenience, the identification of records for the operating time

Apple has been on the expensive exposure scale for two years, the mini being the cheapest offering in the flagship lineup. I had to sacrifice the size and speed of the camera so that the battery capacity produced at least some acceptable result.

But I don’t get the idea about the top iPhone in a small body with a 5.4 inch magnification.

Amid rumors that block of cameras in the “pros” collagen is even stronger, I decided to try it on in case the production of iPhones declines. And then I realized why minispresented our meetings, failed to become a hit.

It happened iPhone 14 Pro mini. The perfect smartphone to charge three times a day.

Looks clumsy and powerful at once

iPhone 14 Pro mini on the left, iPhone 12 mini on the right

I did not want to be unfounded and draw in Photoshop what I like. The block of cameras in the firmware will be exactly like this hefty.

In the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, all three cameras should be improved:

• High-density wide-angle sensor is 4 times higher (48 MP) and increases its area by 57%
• The ultra-wide-angle camera will also get a new sensor with the same resolution (12MP) but with 1.4µm pixels instead of 1µm.
• The telephoto camera will get a 7-lens system instead of a 6-lens one. Most likely, this means increased brightness

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Drawings of such an increase in the camera block

In my review of the iPhone 13 mini, I was imprinted that a smartphone of this level led in the same quality, in the same year, as the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

But that year, the iPhone 13 Pro became better and more not only attentive, but ultra wide angle a camera that received an enlarged and brighter lens.

By chance, it was precisely for this reason that the basic line was left without it: if two new large cameras were inserted into the iPhone 13 case, it was easy, then the minika food device would have such consumption. did not pull.

And there is a simple reason for this: bulk accumulator.

Spatial position camera block. Goodbye autonomy


collapse of the whole idea.

In another source, where the power supplies are quite tiny, the size of the Taptic Engine, Apple will certainly insert cameras of all kinds and sizes, but the laws of our physics spoil everything.

We monitor the current indicators:

iphone 12 mini 2227 mAh
iphone 13 mini 2406 mAh

Based on my examples, the flagship camera array will bite off 18% of the battery size, so our iPhone 14 Pro mini gets a battery capacity of just 1972 mAh.

Apple laptops based on its chips have noted that the 14-inch MacBook Pro on the M1 Pro runs less than the 13-inch MacBook Pro on the M1 (17 hours versus 11 hours in “office” protocol).

This means that the more powerful new A16 chip will consume more power during shooting than the A15 Bionic does. This means that even the surviving bulky battery of the iPhone 14 Pro mini would have worked less, and with a truncated battery, it lasted until noon at most.

Battery dimensions of small smartphones and a hypothetical mini-flagship

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New cutout minis need the most

Who does not bother to clear the space at the top of the screen, so it’s in the iPhone mini. Just a small “reduction” of 20% in the 13th series helped to increase the value and remove the “toy effect” on the phone.

Only the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max get a notch instead of the familiar Face ID bump. I didn’t really like this change, it’s just new, other. Moreover, the island spreads even lower, causing dead activity for applications above.

But himself smartphone will become more futuristic and solid. In the iPhone 14 Pro mini, it is widely known as a prominent role, because the freed active pixels on the upper edges created the most spectacular immersive effect.

Relative to large smartphones, this zone would be the largest. Yes, you would have to move the components, but there is room for them.

The rear cameras placed in a triangle would do well to install the sensors a little more densely and in the center. On the contrary, only for them there was a place left, but the speaker would have left lower and to the right.

15 years of the small screen is coming to an end

I am not at all a fan of large smartphones, their huge screens are uncomfortable for my hands. Even taking into account the fact that in competitions for the size of the palm, few people can beat me.

But the global trend is changing. In the world of Android, even budget models have a diagonal of at least 6 inches, as they say about flagships.

Apple is the last manufacturer to offer miniature phonesalso the best processors: in the iPhone SE the screen is 4.7 inches, in the iPhone 12/13 mini it is 5.4 inches.

But already in the spring of the next iPhone SE, they plan to release it in the iPhone XR case, and the mini series should remain in the face of the iPhone 13 mini for only two years before the complete disappearance, dropping $ 100 before the release of the iPhone 16.

Fortunately, not all so tragic.

An iPhone 12 Pro Max in shape is an absolute must this year brick, but it seems that this is what users will like. More than once I read the presence of columns about why the upcoming iPhone 14 Plus/Max will be a hit to replace weak mini-series sales.

Thanks to Apple for probably the second year in a row to get the best – and get – cameras in part size models: both in the relatively small number of iPhone 14 Pro and in the huge iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Unlike the same Samsung, which installs the best technologies only in the largest Ultra. And for those who want the best in a smartphone, not a miniature tablet.

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