twitch, dYoung people’s favorite streaming platformstook advantage of the TwitchCon 2023 European convention in Paris to reveal many new features that will be added to the app.

Some of the updates will be implemented throughout 2023 and will target all audiences, both creators and people who enjoy and consume the popular platform.

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It can be said that one of the most popular innovations to stand out is the name. Discovery Stream.

This is a tool designed for mobile phones interaction and it has great similarity with TikTok as a feature that will make it stand out, because users can move along the famous ‘vertical scroll’ to be able to analyze and see all the clips created in the aforementioned app.

“Instead of getting viewers to watch more clips, we want them to watch more streams. We will select clips based on how likely they are to attract new viewers to channels,” company leaders explained on Twitter and at their conference.

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They also commented through all information channels in the coming months. They will include a ‘stories’ service on Twitch, just like on Instagram.

It looks like this new functionality will only be aimed at creators, as there are those who can share the posts in question.

To clarify, ‘publishers’ can decide with whom to share their stories, because they can choose whether they want to show them to all their followers or only to people who pay to get more out of their content.

Obviously, this tool will help directly to broadcasters, because there are rumors on social networks that Twitch is not collaborating as it should.

So in August, they will enable the option to export clips directly to TikTok so that the same creators can monetize their own videos and not others.

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