HE Colombian Geological Service (SGC) this Tuesday morning a seismic event shallow depth Medina, Meta.

According to SGC, HE shaking was size 3.5 and it occurred around 5:23 a.m., more precisely, 12 kilometers from Meta, San Juanito. Its depth was less than 30 km.

Meta experiences constant shaking, and on August 21, a magnitude 3.7 shaking occurred in the municipality of Los Santos in Santander.

It occurred at a depth of 154 kilometers and was felt in parts of Antioquia and Santander.

Keep Calm. Analyze the situation. stay away from the window, identify safe spots for shelter, protect your head with arms or cushions. Do not get under the door frames.

Assess whether an evacuation is necessary, you don’t always have to go out. Evacuation is recommended when there are serious structural failures.

Don’t forget your emergency bag. If you are outside, find a safe place away from poles and wires. Never use an elevator.

Source: Exame

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