In recent years, What’s up More than two billion users log into the app per month, making it the world’s most widely used instant messaging app.

Its huge popularity, ease of use and constant updates are the elements that help users choose the service over other options. But most of the time the vehicle slows down and it has to do with the storage space. To avoid this, we explain a trick to speed up your mobile phone.

Many people do not delete their call and video call history from their WhatsApp and this takes up a lot of space on their mobile. Therefore, users can start to better manage the memory of the devices they use with a few simple steps.

– First check if there are any pending updates in WhatsApp.

– Then open the application and click the phone icon in the lower right corner or the « Calls » tab.

– There you will see all the people you have called or called you with audio and video.

– The next step is to press the three dots (top right).

– Finally, two options will be displayed; Tap the one that says “Clear call log”. In this way, your WhatsApp will be free from this past.

In addition to allowing you to send messages, WhatsApp is also a place for images, videos and texts that often take up unnecessary space inside the mobile phone and cause difficulties in its operation. With this option you will be able to manage what you download and not download so that your mobile phone works better.

Here’s what you need to do to ensure that files exchanged within the messaging service do not download automatically and take up space:

– Open What’s up.

– Go to settings.

– Go to Storage and data section.

– Select the first option Manage storage.

A graph will then be displayed showing the amount of space occupied by the files saved in WhatsApp and the percentage relative to all the phone’s memory.

To separate the heavier ones, you have to go to the section that is larger than 5 MB and will mostly contain videos. To delete these files, you must do this by going to each of the profiles they are shared with. It can take a long time, but it is the most direct way to do it.

If you want to avoid this whole process, the platform offers options to manage downloads and what is stored on the phone is what we really want. This can be done by going to Settings; Storage and data followed by the section called Auto Download. There you will see three tabs for ordering what we want to download after being taken into a chat.

Source: Exame

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