In the ever-evolving world of technology, transferring data between platforms is a common yet vital task. One of the most common migrations is moving an old Hotmail account to Outlook.


Nowadays, The use of emails is important in both business and academic environments. This is because it allows users to send and receive messages through a platform that provides an accessible inbox. Hotmail and Outlook are two of the best-known services that perform this function.

‘Both platforms running on every device, according to Microsoft They share the same email address because they are owned by the company.

In essence, Outlook has replaced Hotmail in recent years, mainly due to its greater security As for emails. This means that when you try to access your Hotmail account today, it will automatically redirect you to the Outlook interface.

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Over time, Microsoft is trying to integrate its services. and this includes switching from Hotmail to Outlook. One of the most important elements in this transition is contacts, and here we’ll show you how you can move all your contacts from your old Hotmail account to Outlook.

The ‘Microsoft’ web portal states that the following steps are recommended to move contacts from one account to another:

Export contacts

one. Enter the email account (Hotmail) from which you want to copy the contacts.

2. Enter into the account

3. On the new screen, select ‘Manage’ and then ‘Export’.

4. A box will appear with the file to save, save it to your computer.

5. Close the account.

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Import contacts

one. Enter the email account (Outlook) from which you want to copy or move contacts.

2. Enter into the account

3. On the new screen, select ‘Manage’ and then ‘Add contact to contact list’.

4. Select the last option, ‘Import contacts’.

5. In step 3, select the address where the file you exported is saved.

6. Finally, click the ‘Import Contacts’ button.

1. Efficient communication: It allows real-time, fast and effective communication.

2. Formality and professionalism: It is considered an essential tool for professional and business communication.

3. Records and documents: makes it easy to record and document important conversations and agreements.

4. Globalization: It facilitates global communication by eliminating geographical barriers.

5. Access from multiple devices: Being accessible from different devices allows you to connect anytime, anywhere.


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