YouTube, the world’s largest video platform, has taken a bold step in its commitment to supporting content creators by introducing a series of innovations in ‘Made On YouTube’.

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These new tools and features are designed to inspire and facilitate creativity, breaking down traditional barriers users face in video production.

Since its inception, YouTube has been a place where creators take creative expression to new heights, and that continues to drive the platform. Major new features announced include:

Since its launch in 2020, YouTube Shorts has become a popular place to spontaneously share ideas and inspiration. With a community of over 70 billion daily views and over 2 billion monthly registered users, it has proven to be an inexhaustible source of creativity. YouTube is now announcing a feature called ‘Dream Screen’.

This experimental tool will allow creators to easily create AI-generated video or image backgrounds I’m just writing an idea. Shooting in space or walking in a magical forest, all this will be possible thanks to Dream Screen.

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Knowing that video production can be complicated for new creators, YouTube has launched a mobile app called ‘YouTube Create’.

This free app is currently in beta for Android in select markets simplifies video editing, automatic captioning, and offers filters, effects, transitions, and access to a royalty-free music library with beat-matching technology. This will allow creators to focus more on their creativity and less on the complexity of editing.

YouTube also uses artificial intelligence to help creators generate new ideas and reach new audiences.

Artificial intelligence supported data:
Next year, YouTube Studio will apply generative AI to suggest video concepts and develop builds to encourage brainstorming among creators.

The data will be tailored to each channel, referencing what viewers prefer on the platform. Versions of the AI-based tools in YouTube Studio have been tested with different creators, and more than 70 percent of respondents said they found them useful in designing and testing shot ideas.

Easy search in Creator Music: Next year, the music selection for videos will also be optimized with assisted search functionality in Creator Music. Users simply enter a description of their content and AI will recommend suitable music options at affordable prices.

Smart dubbing with Aloud: One of the methods that content creators use to reach a wider audience is by dubbing their content into other languages. However, not everyone has the opportunity to do professional dubbing. That’s why Aloud, an AI-based dubbing tool designed to allow users to deliver their content to a global audience, will be introduced on YouTube.

*This content was translated and written with the help of artificial intelligence, based on information obtained from YouTube, and reviewed by a journalist and editor.

Source: Exame

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