More and more people are paying more attention to all issues related to mental health, the number of people suffering from depression and anxiety problems has been increasing in the last few years and it has become clear that quarantines have increased since the covid-19 outbreak. greater visibility was given to such cases.

That’s why users prefer to use apps that help them better understand everything related to psychology and mental health. Although these are not a substitute for the help of a professional psychologist or psychiatrist, Yes, they can be a very useful tool on your path to feeling better.

Some applications available in the virtual stores of different mobile devices provide assistance such as meditation, exercise, and in some special cases, users can benefit from the service of an online psychologist who can answer the user’s call.

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Synchrolab: This app is very useful for people who need to include stimulation and cognitive training through different games in their therapy plans. It is developed with artificial intelligence and helps stimulate neuropsychological changes.

Users will also be able to get a detailed report on their daily progress while playing different games. In order to get the appropriate program, the application must be used under the supervision of a psychologist.

To wake up: It is an online platform where informative videos can be found that will be very helpful to people suffering from some psychological disorders. Also, if the user is interested in doing Yoga, he will have access to different productive virtual environments. Relaxation classes that can help you feel better.

Air Persons: It is an application where users can reach different professional psychologists who provide therapy services via video call. People will be able to choose who they want to consult and the payment method they will use.

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Therapy Chat: It is a platform that allows people to access virtual consultations with professional psychologists. The entire process is completely confidential, and payments are made directly through the application according to the expert you choose for each need.

Phobia: It is an application with different programs designed to treat different phobias or disorders. It does not replace psychological therapies, but is an excellent complement to consultations with a specialist. Patients will have the opportunity to access different alternatives depending on the situation and thus will be able to help improve the psychological problem.

These are some alternatives to complete your process or start it with a psychology professional. Applications are available for all mobile devices, regardless of Android or iOS.


Source: Exame

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