On Friday night, National Police sources confirmed to EL TIEMPO: The general assembly decided that six out of 10 crowns called to the brigadier general course (in June 2022) will not be promoted in December.


Officers who have completed their education for one year and have not been promoted to the rank of brigadier general, Colonels Didier Alberto Estrada Álvarez, Alba Patricia Lancheros Silva, Jimmy Javier Bedoya Ramírez, José Rafael Miranda Rojas, Livio Germán Castillo Villareal, Édgar Cárdenas Vesga.

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Those promoted include Colonel Heinar Giovany Puentes Aguilar, director of the Tax and Customs Police; Colonel Herbert Luguiy Benavidez Valderrama, deputy director of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police; Colonel ÓscarAndrés Lamprea Pinzón, Director of Transit and Transport, and Colonel Wharlinton Iván Gualdrón Gualdrón, Commander of the Cartagena Metropolitan Police.

A group of officers had arrived from Europe as part of the development of the Strategic Public Security course (CESEP) required for promotion.

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Colonels are of course part of 067 (surveillance service) and 019 (professional corps) and are selected from 40 uniformed personnel.

It is striking that Colonel Col. Patricia Lancheros is not being promoted because of her outstanding work as commander of the National Unit for Dialogue and Maintenance of Order (Undmo).former Mobile Anti-Disturbances Team (Esmad).

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Civil servants will be able to continue their duties until December, but can request dismissal now if they are not promoted.

Sources stated that the general assembly re-evaluated the CVs and decided not to approve his promotion.“This is an optional measure that does not require explanation.”.

This shock further fueled the call by three generals serving in the leadership of the Colombian Police to qualify for service – a week ago.

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This is General Tito Yesid Castellanos, who serves as deputy police chief; Inspector General General Carlos Triana and Chief of Police Department General Carlos Rojas.

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