At first, no one wanted to talk about this issue in public. But 17 days ago, a group of businessmen and merchants living in the upscale Llanogrande area, an hour away from Medellín, decided to report what they described as a new alleged fraud to the Prosecutor’s Office.linked to the collection of large and illegal funds.

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They say that at social gatherings of the Paisa elite They began to offer them juicy dividends in the business of raising cattle.

We accepted because the businessmen behind the offer were from a famous Paisa family who supported the investment with their company. “in real estate marketing, food on the table and meat processing,” says one investor.

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And he adds this Preliminary calculations show that approximately 96.957 million pesos were obtained, an amount exceeding that of the Felipe Rocha scandal.who owes money to former senators, models and even one of former president Juan Manuel Santos’ sons.

The center of this new research is the company. Sociedad Ganadera El Paraíso SAS, whose representative is Carlos Alberto Montoya Bustamante.

The firm is affiliated (through its shareholders) with other companies such as: Subase SAS, Montser 13 Group SAS, Simbrah Meat SAS, 5M Logistic SAS, Santa María Foods SAS and Primus Natural Braf SAS

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Some of their heads belong to them. Montoya del Río familyknown in the region.

It was a so-called thing they offered them Purchasing heads of cattle divided into lots located in different sectionshis earnings depended on the age of the sheep.

With this offer They recruited approximately 3,094 people, 150 of whom were recently sent to prisoner Víctor Eduardo Muñoz.He specializes in illegal recruitment so that the prosecutor’s office can investigate what is happening.

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As a test, They handed over the ‘livestock participation agreements’ they signed through six commercial managers of Sociedad Ganadera El Paraíso.

While they are suspending their terms of office, they say If he had returned, the company’s assets would have increased. In the El Paraíso case, the complaint states that assets increased from 5 billion 561 million pesos to 28 billion 568 million pesos..

EL TIEMPO investigated and found that:This case led the Companies Inspectorate to order judicial intervention against El Paraíso for the unauthorized collection of money from the public. The measure also affected Subase SAS, Monster 13 Group SAS and Carlos Alberto Montoya Bustamante and Lina María Serna Aristizábal as representatives.

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“It was decided that Among the activities carried out, there is no verifiable economic activity that produces resources to undertake the payment of obligations acquired through the amounts of money received and the agreed monthly fixed returns.“, assured Super. And he ordered the seizure of assets, assets and affairs of the created companies and their legal representatives.

There Mega haciendas in Pivijay (Magdalena), Puerto Salgar (Cundinamarca) and Puerto Triunfo (Antioquia) There would be several herds of cattle in it.

People close to the businessmen involved in the incident stated that there was no illegal behavior and Supersociedades will respond to investors through its auditor.

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However, victims say there are more assets to be affected and the Prosecutor’s Office should intervene. For this reason, Criminal lawyer Muñoz condemned those involved in large and habitual fundraising, money laundering and illicit enrichment individuals conspiring to commit a crime.

EL TIEMPO called representatives of these companies, but they did not respond at the time of publication.

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Source: Exame

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