The large amount of information stored on platforms and applications requires users to consider that security is paramount to their accounts. When it comes to Google Chrome, there are few tools or settings. with this you can increase the level of data protection.

Here we show you some and how to enable them.

Two-step verification is a security alternative used across platforms and social networks. It consists of asking users to configure another password. and request from time to time to verify identity.

Many users use the alternative of saving their passwords to their Google account for convenience as well as security. However, the tool gives you the option to check if these keys have been leaked and not trust the platform 100 percent.

To enable this option you have to go to Google password management and select the Password Check option. You can analyze the stored keys with the help of a web page. It even offers an alternative to tracking passwords permanently.

This option can help remove some of your digital footprint from platforms, and although you can do this manually on a daily basis, there is an alternative to configuring Google Chrome to do this every few days.

Initially, you need to enter the Google accountafter that search for the Activity Controls section of your account, from there you have to click on Activity on Web and Apps, from this point you must select Manage activity and then configure when you want this to run. action.

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