Google Drive, the free cloud storage service offered by Google, has been a huge success since its launch and is now available to businesses, writers, photographers, freelancers those who need to transfer information among others.


But recently the American company discovered A bug in your system that deletes files from users’ accounts without their permission and without prior notice.

On Google’s help forum, a South Korean user named Yeonjoong wrote that her Drive had reverted to its May 2023 state, meaning anything she had saved or created since then was no longer there.

In his note, Yeonjoong says that he contacted the Google team in South Korea and they sent him a recovery process that did not yield any results, so he decided to escalate the situation directly to Google US.

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In response to the complaint, a Google representative said that the company had noticed a glitch, that the user who reported the issue was not the only one affected by the bug, and publicly responded: They are already doing the necessary research to figure this out..

Meanwhile, Google advises its users not to try extreme solutions such as running the ‘Disconnect account’ option in the Drive desktop app or deleting the app’s data folder, which is usually located at:

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Additionally, Google recommends its users to have optional prevention: make a copy of the application data folder to an external hard driveTo avoid losing important documents, at least until the problem is resolved.


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