climate change crisis This is one of the recurring themes in the president’s political speech. Gustavo PeterHe recently went to Dubai to attend the fair. UN Climate Change Conference. On that side, He once again revealed his stance on environmental issues.

Moreover, in the last hours, the ruler of Colombia Announced that it is a party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Fossil FuelsWhich already has the support of a dozen countries during a high-level event at COP28.

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Following the statements made by the famous Hollywood actor President Gustavo Petro Urrego in favor of the environment Mark Ruffalo became famous worldwide with his character ‘Hulk’ inside Marvel cinema world, X sent his congratulations to the Colombian president through his account on the social network.

“Dear Gustavo Petro and Susana Muhamad, your recent stand against big oil at #COP28 is impressive. I hope people all over Colombia can celebrate that, thanks to your leadership, they are the first major economy in Latin America to join the innovative initiative. Signing an international agreement to stop fossil fuel extraction,” Mark Ruffalo wrote.

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“Gustavo Petro, in his speech at the UN General Assembly, Reminds the world that Colombia is the #LandofBeauty; “Today, he has taken an important step to preserve this beauty, bringing his country step by step closer to stopping oil exploitation in the Amazon,” he said.

“I hope that all the world leaders gathered at this conference will be inspired enough to choose life over death and beauty over greed. You and your fellow leaders can ensure that this meeting ends with a clear declaration that ending the fossil fuel era is not only necessary, but the only way forward. #COP28,” said Mark Alan Ruffalo.

It is known that the famous actor is an environmental rights advocate and it is announced to the public as follows: “Climate justice advocate with the aim of a better futurebrighter, cleaner and more hopeful for all of us.”

Source: Exame

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