date Virgin of Guadalupe According to the ‘Aci Prensa’, it dates back to 1531, when Saint Juan admired Diego four times and asked him to build a basilica in his honor to show his love and affection to all the faithful who visited the place.

A peasant named Juan Diego the Virgin appeared to him as he was passing Tepeyac hill on the outskirts of what is now Mexico City. God appeared and told him to build a church in his honor.

After this revelation, he approached Fray Juan de Zumárraga, bishop of the new diocese of Mexico, and begged him for the construction of this temple. Not believing him, he requested a miraculous sign, and thus the Virgin of Zumárraga appeared again. ‘Guadalupe, according to EWTN.

After some time, Juan Diego’s uncle Juan Bernardino fell ill, which prevented him from meeting the maiden once again because he had to take care of his family. Without waiting until the day after he gets better. The uncle said that he had revealed himself before his eyes and decided that he would be remembered as follows: Guadeloupe.

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The site ‘Catholic Network’ explains that a miracle is a divine event produced by the intervention of God or the Virgin Mary, which escapes the order of natural causes and is directed towards spiritual belief.

One of the stories in which these demands were accepted is that the Virgin of Guadalupe went to Saint Juan Diego, and seeing that he was having a hard time with his uncle due to a health problem, the Virgin decided to cure him.

Since that moment, Faithful servants assure him that various blessings can be asked from him, such as family, health, getting through difficult times, being a spiritual guide and forgiving sins.

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On December 12, the day of Our Lady of Guadalupe is celebrated in many appear on the same date to Bishop Fray Juan de Zumárraga, who saw with his own eyes his appearance and how he let go of his cloak.

On the occasion of this commemoration, The ‘Hosanna’ website shares a powerful prayer for miracles to happen on this day. Below the full text:

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Oh pure virgin.

True mother of God and mother of the Church.

You are the one who manifests from this place.

Your mercy and compassion to all who request your protection; Hear the prayer we pray to you in filial confidence and offer it to your Son Jesus, our only savior.

Mother of mercy, teacher of secret and silent sacrifice, we dedicate our lives, our works, our joys, our illnesses and our pains to you who come out to meet us sinners.

Give peace, justice and prosperity to our people; Since everything we have is under your care,

Our lady and our mother.

We want to be completely yours and walk with you on the path of complete fidelity to Jesus Christ, his Church: do not let us leave your loving hand.

Virgin of Guadalupe, mother of America, we ask everything from you.

Consider this mighty harvest and intercede that the Lord will instill a hunger for holiness in all God’s people and grant abundant commissions to priests and religious who are strong in faith and zealously preach the mysteries of God.

Live and reign forever. Amine.

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Camila Sanchez Fajardo

Source: Exame

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