Quietly, Microsoft About a week ago, it launched a new app that integrates. artificial intelligence.

About copilotIt is not as new as some believe because it is a new version. Bing Chat, but with some improvements. It can also be used in the browser. Microsoft Edge for Android, SwiftKey, Skypeamong others.

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This app is currently only available Android mobile phones and as you read in the description game store:

Copilot is an innovative chat assistant powered by Microsoft’s latest OpenAI, GPT-4 and DALL·E 3 models. These advanced AI technologies provide fast, complex and accurate responses, as well as the ability to create stunning visuals from simple text descriptions.”.

Until now you could only access GPT-4 subscribe to ChatGPT Plus or using the language model Bing Chat.

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With his collaboration Microsoft and OpenAI, who created copilotthe user is allowed to turn it on or off GPT-4 and even GPT-3.5free.

This recently launched app aims to compete with the format. ChatGPTso I added creating images with the model DALL-E 3.

Similarly, it highlights that you can ask questions through images, compose emails, texts, among many other functions.

There is currently no known release date for the application. iOSbut in the meantime, iPhone users can continue to access Bing Chat Which one is available? app store.



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