Samsung Electronics has set a new milestone in home appliance innovation with the Samsung Flex four-door refrigerator with AI Family Hub+. Introduced in anticipation of CES 2024, which will be held in Las Vegas, United States, between January 9-12, this device promises an innovation in modern kitchens.

Samsung stands out with its Flex system AI Vision Inside, a pioneering technology that can recognize and classify 33 types of foods. This feature is achieved thanks to the smart built-in camera fed by a training data set containing nearly a million food photos.

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Moohyung Lee, vice president of Samsung’s home appliances business and head of the customer experience team, said the goal is to “elevate dining experiences to the next level.”

For this purpose, in addition to classifying foods, the refrigerator also has a 32-inch LCD screen for organizing lists and displaying food expiration date warnings.

Additionally, Samsung Flex offers: Fridge Manager is a system that monitors the status of the water filter and warns when it needs to be replaced. This functionality demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to the comfort and health of its users.

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The refrigerator also syncs with the Samsung induction cooktop, which has a 7-inch LCD display and features AI-enhanced functions. This connection reflects Samsung’s vision of a fully integrated kitchen ecosystem.

Other notable features include The Food AI app in Family Hub+ allows you to customize recipes for specific dietary needs. and the ‘Recipe from Image’ function, which identifies foods and suggests recipes from photos. Additionally, ‘Personalized Meal Plan’ analyzes users’ Samsung Health profiles to tailor menus to their diets.

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These advancements not only enhance the dining experience, but also facilitate a healthier, more connected lifestyle and reaffirm Samsung’s leadership at the forefront of home appliance technology.

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Source: Exame

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