iPhones are perhaps the most coveted mobile phones on the market, and people all over the world are saving months of salary to afford one of these devices.


Users can track and lock their devices using the ‘Find My iPhone’ appSo the person who steals it cannot access its functions. With ‘Lost mode‘, you can put a personalized message on your mobile phone screen stating the contact number or whatever you want to communicate.

Additionally, notifications and messages will stop appearing, but phone calls and FaceTime reception will remain active. Apple Pay is also disabled. With ‘clear iphone‘, your phone will be reset and all your personal information will be deleted from the device.

To enable ‘Lost mode’ or ‘Erase iPhone’ option you need to follow these steps:

If you have a passcode to access the device, ‘Find My iPhone’ will ask you to enter the passcode as final confirmation of the action.

(Interesting: They launched an alert on iPhone due to an unknown threat: models that may be at risk).

Additionally, Apple adds ‘anti-theft’ functionality to latest operating system update iOS 17.3You can enable it to make it harder for outsiders to access your accounts and personal data.

Specialized portal ‘Applesfera’ explains that the anti-theft function, unfortunately, will not prevent your mobile phone from being stolen. What it is responsible for is making it difficult for a potential thief to unlock the cell phone and claim the cell phone as his own.

(More info: You can now download iOS 17.3: these are the changes and new features for your iPhone).

Protect mode only accepts Face ID for important changes, like your Apple ID password; this happens when the device knows it is away from normal locationsThis can be very useful to prevent actions before putting your device into ‘lost mode’.


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