To the magistrate’s office Marco Antonio Rueda Soto of the Supreme Court of Justice Investigative Division, A few weeks ago a two-page document arrived signed by the leader of a feared criminal gang linked to hundreds of murders.


According to the subject, the letter in question was sent in response to internal file number 01020 and was sent 10 days after the Court confirmed that a preliminary investigation had been initiated against the current Senate president. Iván Name Vásquez, for his alleged connection with the criminal gang ‘los Rastrojos-Costeños’, which commits crimes in the Atlantic region.

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The case was opened after the certification of the copies made by the Investigation Department on November 10, 2023, and a preliminary investigation is being carried out in this case as well. Senator José David Name Cardoso, inaugurated on November 27 and located in Judge Rueda’s office.

For this situation It also demanded that former congressman and mayor of Beforelejo (Sucre) Yahir Acuña be investigated. The person named among the defendants and accused of allegedly being affiliated with this organization.

This process emerges from the brothers’ statements Juan Manuel Borré Barreto and Brayan Eduardo Borré Barreto, He gave information about allegations that businessmen and politicians were involved in crimes. It is also claimed that political support was given to the Name family.

The Borrés had offered judicial cooperation in the past, but sources familiar with the investigation warn they did not comply with that offer.

The letter is signed by exactly one of them: Juan Manuel Borré Barreto and leaves inside the letter It is assumed that members of Congress will not participate in the declaration procedure planned to be held on February 28, 2024, in the process they follow.

That day is also planned The prosecution’s presence before the guarantee control judge, the accusation against the Borré Barreto brothers, He is accused of at least 100 murders.

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In the letter, Borré Barreto – ‘Los Urabeños’, ‘Los Rastrojos’ and ‘Los Rastrojos Costeños’, part of the Córdoba Bloc of the Self-Defense Forces– He puts forward a number of reasons for being unable to attend court hearings, which, in his opinion, arise from requests that have not been fulfilled.

“Your Honor, because of my brother’s approacho Bryan Eduardo Borré Barreto before the Prosecutor’s Office, I reaffirmed my statements by testifying in 2014 regarding these events, which are on the agenda again today due to the political situation in the country; In the letter known to this newspaper, it is stated that “it was said that the videos of the statements were published in all media, their office requested me to investigate again.”

And he adds that on October 31, 2023, a Court delegation went to prison. They asked him where he was being held and what his request was to re-testify or confirm as a witness other than the possibility of returning to Justice and Peace.

“My demands were three and they were not ridiculous demands, I was clear and specific and they are: My family needs to be out of the country to testify, so I requested asylum, otherwise I will not come. My security in the institution where I was detained was to date ignored Inpec’s warning and only complied with for a few days and then breached to the same degree or worse as I found myself living with people on the shore. Borré Barreto said, “They did not want to resolve my legal situation and situation, for which I have already served my sentence, by violating the fundamental right to due process.”

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You can read the same points in another one-page letter written by Borré Barreto himself, in which you can see the fingerprint of one of his fingers.

in the letterThe murderer suspect states that his demands are related to security conditions They are not strangers to the process.

“How can you understand my situation, I’m sorry, I explained the reason for my wishes: Selling statements to people involved in the investigation, the murder of my eldest son, the 2 attacks I suffered, the attack on my wife, threats and persecution, the hell my family went through. “They have no stability in a department for fear of being killed,” the man said.

Borré Barreto said that the evidence of the events described above was known to the authorities. “Your honor, you are reviewing all the documents I brought to your office and you will see that I spoke to the foundations based on my experiences and that my request to continue contributing as a witness is not impossible for you as the State. You can guarantee “It is my family’s and my RIGHT TO LIVE,” he emphasized.

And he made it clear that if he sees that the demands are met within the date, he will “participate in the procedure on the scheduled date.”

Before ending the letter, Borré emphasized that this was a “delicate process” not only because of his own statement, but also because of “other people involved in the process.”

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In response to this letter, the Supreme Court stated on February 6: “Before making any determination regarding the declaration submitted by Borre Barreto, it is requested that a measured transmission of the office of Judge César Augusto Reyes Medina be included in the file.”

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In another document known to this newspaper, Borré Barreto was ordered to determine his address and contact information, as well as the statement he would give. In addition to Gazzi Fakih Elnesser, the manager of the Name Cardozo campaign, and Rosa María Gordon, the campaign accountant, Gabriel Sánchez, who, according to the statement of the accused killer, will be “the link between himself and the accused.”

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