Vehicle navigation technology has evolved significantly over the last decade, changing the way drivers choose routes and reach destinations.


Sabrina Valls, Head of Product Communications at Google Argentina, noted the importance of these functions: “The possibility of accessing all this information from a mobile device, with or without an internet connection, through a single application, as well as its integration into some car models, simplifies the experience with the Android Auto operating system and is increasingly appreciated by users.” “We make it more preferred.”

Fabián Pons, president of the Latin American Road Observatory (Ovilam), noted the significant progress made in satellite location and vehicle navigation technology in the last decade, indicating a shift from passive to systems supported by the users themselves.

“The most common is the use of Google Maps, Waze, and to a lesser extent GPS, which are often already built into the factory vehicle itself,” he said.

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Argentine Motorsport champion Jorge Omar del Río also highlighted the usefulness of these navigation systems, especially for drivers who can avoid stopping to ask for directions or look at physical maps.

The real-time information these applications provide, such as data on congestion zones and alternative routes, is particularly valuable. Pons emphasized that: “Interactive ‘apps’, like Waze, have the advantage of providing real-time information, which is very helpful in being able to choose an alternative route to avoid strike zones and accidents. But many people prefer Google Maps because it comes pre-installed on almost all phones.”

In the case of Google Maps, it allows you to travel anywhere, among other things, thanks to navigation with turn-by-turn instructions and real-time traffic information to find the best route.

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“It offers endless customizable options, such as whether to enable voice navigation while driving, view delays, roadworks and car accidents, share the progress of the journey and pinpoint specific places on the route. Offline browsing is a point that needs to be emphasized because sometimes we go to places where the connection is unstable or even non-existent. In these cases, Google Maps has an ‘offline’ function that allows you to download maps and directions to your phone in advance so you can navigate safely,” explains Valls.

However, a concern arises regarding “danger zones”. Although these apps offer a variety of functions, they do not provide specific information about the danger of certain areas or streets.

Pons suggested that since there are no apps showing which streets are the most dangerous, drivers should be careful before entering potentially dangerous places and drive carefully.

At this point, Del Río pointed out that the best thing is for the “driver to choose the route he knows and is safest for himself, regardless of whether the system shows a longer delay or not.” If you can choose, if you’re going on routes or highways and even if there are tolls, which is something you usually try to avoid, if you’re looking for security, it’s not about time or distance being privileged there, it’s about feeling more comfortable where you are. trip. .

Although Google Maps does not classify areas as dangerous, it can help users make informed decisions about their routes by providing warnings about road construction, accidents, or traffic jams.

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