Voice memos are often an advantage when sending a written message is not possible, but for some it may be a nuisance that it takes several minutes because they prefer to read or are uncomfortable listening to a potentially disruptive communication. Call. .

For those who do not like this function very much, There’s a simple trick that allows you to permanently convert audio to text in just a few steps.

While this is an automatic option for the instant messaging platform, so far this function has only been enabled on iOS services. In the case of Android, it is necessary to download an application that helps convert notes into text.

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These are some of the top-rated apps on Play Store and App Store that can help you complete this process in just a few seconds.

It is one of the most popular platforms to perform this operation on Android devices. After downloading the application to your phone, enter WhatsApp. and select the voice note you want to convert to text with the ‘Share’ button.

An additional window will then open where you will find the ‘Transcript’ icon. The ‘application’ will show the user the transcription of the message.

Since this option is integrated into the WhatsApp system, it does not require an external application, but is only available in the beta version for iPhone.

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To do this, simply select the voice memo; ‘app’ will render the voice text immediately below as if it were a normal message within the conversation.

This app only works on iOS operating system. After downloading it to your device, simply enter the instant messaging platform. From the chat window, press the voicemail until it is shaded in blue.



Source: Exame

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