On the night of Monday, March 4, he was found Vanished architect Juan Camilo Burgos Since last February 28th.

His family confirmed in a statement that the man “found himself in unusual circumstances and became disoriented outside the city of Bogota.”

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In the same document it says: Burgos receives medical attention It was stated that the investigation continues to determine the cause of the professional’s disappearance.

“Considering the nature of his condition at the time he was found and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance, All necessary research is being carried out to clarify the facts.” commented Diego Burgos, brother of the young architect.

“We will be forever grateful for the solidarity and collective effort that resulted in Juan’s survival. I hope no one experiences what my brother, my family and I went through. these days,” concludes Diego Burgos.

The whereabouts of the 32-year-old professional are unknown He would mysteriously disappear at 72nd Street and 7th Avenue around 1:30 p.m.

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Close relatives of the young architect mentioned In dialogue with EL TIEMPO he said that the man made some visits to his customers The day Bogota disappeared into the financial sector.

We know he was very stressed about his job, but this was normal stress.like any professional,” said his brother Diego Burgos.

Experts took over the investigation into Burgos’s disappearance. Technical Investigation Unit (CTI) of the Attorney General’s Office.


Source: Exame

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