Claro has announced that postpaid users can now use Amazon Prime Video for free for three months.

The idea is that you can enjoy what the streaming platform has to offer, including The Boys, The Terminal List, Primate starting today, and the News of a Kidnapping set to air on August 12, and The Lord of the Rings in September. 2.

After taking advantage of the promotion, the customer will be able to continue to enjoy Prime Video content charged to the Claro postpaid plan bill for $17,900 per month.

“Understanding our customers and knowing that entertainment is a core part of their lives allows us to consider better options so they can get more benefits, the best offers and coverage so they can get the most out of their mobile plans.” Ingrid Pérez Trujillo, Director of Corporate Marketing and Media at Claro Colombia.In recent months, Claro has announced more benefits and services such as Paramount+ content featured in Claro video, Claro music that doesn’t consume plan data, and Claro club offers.

An existing customer can select the Claro Móvil account in the Mi Claro app session, go to the TV Shows & Movies area, the Prime Video option, accept the terms and conditions, and verify identity.

Then sign up for Prime Video and access the streaming platform with these credentials.

If you are a new customer, you just need to download the Mi Claro App and do the same.

Note that after three months, the customer can continue to enjoy Prime Video content credited to their Claro postpaid plan bill for $17,900 per month.

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Source: Exame

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