Advertising on Maps? Apple considers broadening the horizon with more ads in its own apps

Apple’s announcements could soon spread to apps like Maps, Books or Podcasts.

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Apple seems to have more interest in making money services offered to its users. It’s been possible for a while as we continue to work on new ways to monetize the App Store. view ads in different areas of this servicealways tries to respect users’ privacy.

But everything points to the fact that the App Store’s advertising will be just the beginning. It seems like they’ve been doing it lately Tests to include ads in the Maps appand that even the adware program can be extended to other popular apps such as Books, Podcasts and even Apple TV to earn higher income for their services.

Apple ads can reach Maps, Books, Podcasts and more

As Mark Gurman commented in the latest edition Open According to Bloomberg, Todd Teresi, Apple’s vice president of advertising, seems to have this idea: Triple the company’s revenue from advertising. Therefore, the idea of ​​​​expanding the horizon after the ad came to the App Store is exactly.

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Privacy-respecting ads may come to Apple Maps soon

Specifically, those from Cupertino already Take related tests to monetize Apple Maps. It looks like the company’s next big thing in terms of advertising is, ads between calls The Maps app found in the brand’s products is very similar to what is done in the App Store.

While searching, the first result was highlighted and payable by some advertiser. Following Apple’s regulations, it looks like this type of advertising will go away completely. responsible for privacy It’s an issue that appears to be a growing concern for both the company and device owners. Thus, the ad displayed even if the location is accessed. in no case directly related to the person.

From Apple they would just do Internal tests in your Maps app, is not yet shown to Apple Maps users. However, if all goes well, there’s a good chance we’ll start seeing some ads sooner or later when searching. It seems that this is also envisaged among the plans of the brand. extending such search ads to other company apps, including Books or Podcasts.

Also, future ads Access more Apple services like Apple TV+. We already know that Netflix plans to come up with a plan with ads to make up for the significant loss of subscribers, even Disney+ already has a few ads in the United States. examples of how the most direct competition involves advertising. It wouldn’t be surprising if Apple followed a very similar strategy with its own video streaming service to gain subscribers in the best way possible.

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