Society Alurafic LED SAS Barranquilla Capital de Luz announced its decision to transfer the total participation from its shares in SAS to the Barranquilla Region free of charge –alubaq SAS- Triple A in the acquisition business of SAESP


“In this sense, Alutrafic LED SAS and majority partners daes familyHe noted that the donor company will refrain from negotiating and/or deciding in the future on any matter that arises at Alubaq SAS’ shareholders meetings and has a direct or indirect relationship with Triple A SAESP.”

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In this respect, Jaime Pumarejo, Mayor of Barranquillastated that this appointment allows the County Mayor to take over 72 percent of the shares in this utility company.

In an interview, the President said, “It gives us Barranquilla residents the opportunity to reclaim an additional percentage of this purchase we’ve made (…) Atlanta in the news.

This new percentage has allowed the city to generate close to 109 billion pesos, estimated at 150 billion pesos per year for Triple A, the president explained.

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Also, it revealed that It wants to compete in the national market with companies like EPM.

“At the moment The region receives only 21 billion pesos for this concept. Our aim with Triple A is to compete with organizations like Medellín’s EPM,” he assured.

Pumarejo said, “When we buy back all the shares, We hope to improve the quality of the service so that the discoloration of the water does not happen to us.“.


Source: Exame

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