Apps to discover events near your city on iPhone

These are the best and most popular apps for meeting people, discovering events and partying with your friends. Get in now!

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If you are someone who likes to party, share with your friends and meet new people, then that kind of Apps to discover events near your city from iPhone they are perfect for you.

However, if you find yourself outside your city and if you want to go out and have fun, it’s time to take a look at these. mobile apps.

So you can discover nearby events on your mobile

  • Citylok, events and places
  • Wegow: Concerts and festivals
  • Fire – Activities and Events
  • Eventbrite
  • Sharify – Events near me
  • Meeting: Groups+local events
  • DICE: Live Events
  • side door. Your neighborhood app

The applications you will learn in this article will take you through a variety of events near your city or neighbors. The events are very diverse, music festivals, gastronomic events, art exhibitions and much more.

city ​​lock

Citylok: events and places

Citylok: events and places

city ​​lock is one Best apps for discovering events near your city on iPhoneand that’s because of its incredible community, because the community itself takes care post and share each of the events will be done throughout the month.

you can do it in take any event such as gastronomy, sports, plans with children, music, concerts, culture, theater and more.

They the interface is quite intuitive and easy to use and once you have created your account and fill in your profile information You can configure the location to see events. The map will immediately show the events that are about to happen.


    Wegow: concerts and festivals

Wegow: concerts and festivals

If you are a fan of musical concerts and do not want to miss any of them, then Wegow It is an ideal option for you. This pocket tool stores all the information in its database. music events near youwill be shown months in advance.

You can filter information in different ways. presentation datemusic style, type of festival and more. Additionally, you can schedule your preferred concerts and configure the app itself to remind you of the next date. buy the ticket in advance.


Eventbrite: all kinds of events and festivals

Eventbrite: all kinds of events and festivals

Eventbrite is another Best apps for discovering events near your city on iPhone. You can get information-packed and even the most exclusive events to be held in your location from small businesses. restaurant screens or galleries music festivals.

You can do it too find out about events up to a month in advanceand due to its wide popularity, most tickets to events buy or reserve securely with your credit card directly from the platform.

They the interface is very intuitiveand when you create your account, you can save events to: “Favorites” and the days when the event is close, the platform will remind you.


Sharify: share plans with your friends

Sharify: share plans with your friends

share It is considered social network to find social events, it is sustained by the large community that is responsible for it. post each of the events will be in this city. You can openly be a contributor and share it with other users.

a wide variety of categoriesTherefore, you can get all kinds of events and even allow filter information for more detailed search

to meet

Meetup: local groups and events

Meetup: local groups and events

Another option to consider if you want Discover upcoming events near you application Meeting: Groups+local events. With this platform you can: Get events happening in your city or places nearby, you can also join many groups and visit incredible places.

As expected, you will be able to filter events by: place, date, type of event and more. And if you are using this type of application for the first time, you will not have any problems as there are a lot of them. intuitive and minimalist.


DICE: live events and more

DICE: live events and more

for a call music events more personalized app SAYSsince you only need to sign in with your Spotify account and the algorithm itself when syncing SAYS It will show you the events near your city.

Due to the security offered by the app, many of the tickets can be purchased directly in the app, also get a discountvouchers and if for any reason you cannot attend the concert, you can make a request. return your money.

side door. Your neighborhood app

Meet your neighbors and discover nearby businesses and events with Nextdoor

Meet your neighbors and discover nearby businesses and events with Nextdoor

Do you like to improvise and party on weekends? So mobile app side door he is one. This special tool will show you all the outstanding activities that can be done near your location (cycling, visiting new restaurants, parks, garage sales and even secondhand shopping).

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