content creation It is currently one of the activities of many young people and adults, both because of its potential in social networks and because of the freedoms this work can offer.

Although it has become more of a well-known business, a guide is needed for many users considering getting started. Choose which are your favorite apps to enter this world.

That’s why we present here three different alternatives for you to edit your videos. from your mobile phone.

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This is one of the most popular devices iOS. It is also considered a very complete tool and many creators use it to edit their videos.

There users can access different titles as well as choose which transition is appropriate and add different effects,

This is another app that is popular with content creators because of its versatility. It offers the possibility to layer different video files, add audio or video effects, and also add transitions. has support Vimeo is a company that bought the company in 2009.

With this, they have added more alternatives and different extra tools so that creators can raise the quality standards of their content.

One of the main features of this tool is its free version, which unlike others, allows you to do a lot more editing without showing too many ads. so users prefer to work on it.

However, if you want to access other capabilities such as higher quality video when exporting or removing the watermark, users can access the paid option.

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