Residents of an English village were stunned. Inside a well, they found two confused little brothers. The discovery would not have gone down in history had it not been for a strange quirk that caught the attention of residents: The skin of the boy and girl was green.

In addition to being shocked by his appearance, the villagers were also stunned. unknown language they speak, because it was unlike English, German, Spanish, French, or any African language they had records of.

The surprising appearance of the two brothers, ‘The Legend of the Green Children of Wolpit’Named after the town in the county of Suffolk (England) where this interesting event took place in the 12th century.

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During recovery, the children were in a state of severe malnutrition, unaware of everything around them, and refused to try the food offered to them. Shortly after, the already very weak man died. The girl survived, became a grown woman, learned to speak English and was able to tell them what happened.

The woman, who took the name Agnes, claimed to live in a land of caves and underground passages. She explained that there is a place where the sunset is endless and that there is a river separating her country from another that is brighter.

According to his story, he and his brother came from the ‘land of San Martín’that they reached the surface through the tunnels of a cave where the sun never shines and they went for two days.

The story is documented in two Latin works containing testimonies of the settlers: ‘Historia rerum Anglicarum’ (History of England, from 1189), and ‘Chronicon Anglicanum’ (England Chronicles, 1220 from England), by William of Newburgh, Ralph of Coggeshall. by.

A 12th-century English clergyman and historian, Newburgh’s book is one of the main sources of medieval history, covering the reigns of William the Conqueror from Richard the Lionheart (1066-1198). What happens to the Woolpit children is documented in this five-volume work.

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Newburgh wrote based on the testimonies of those who discovered the events in a “wolf” hole (holes drilled to keep these animals from eating cattle). “Their skin was bright green and they spoke in an unknown language. They were dressed in clothes of a color and material never seen before. “Even though they were hungry, they refused all the food offered to them,” he said.

For him, the historian explained that the strange event in the time of King Stephen really happened. “I have to surrender to the weight of so many witnesses and this kind of quality,” he said.

The Reverend Ralph de Coggeshall reported in the ‘Diaries of England’ that the children were taken to the house of Richard de Caine, one of the villagers Agnes had worked as a maid for many years.

De Cogges puts together the stories he collected from witnesses in chronological order. The experts who reviewed his work agreed that the author’s corrections and deletions showed that he took care to validate the data.

Both historians agreed that the girl could survive and talk about her past. According to the texts, Agnes and her brother, while grazing their father’s cattle, suddenly found themselves in the wormhole they were in when they heard a loud noise. According to the narrators, the ensuing noise occurred in Bury St., 15 kilometers from Woolpit. Edmunds Abbey would have shrill bells.

As for children’s skin color, some doctors have suggested that they may suffer from chlorosis, a rare condition formerly called “green disease” caused by anemia and characterized by a greenish tint to the skin. However, other experts have noted that chlorosis never turns the skin green, but rather minor pigmentation.

Regarding the unknown language, some historians have hinted that it may be Flemish, a regional variant of the Dutch language spoken in northern Belgium and southern Netherlands. This explanation is unlikely, however, as there were major sea routes connecting Britain to the mainland in the 12th century, people speaking this dialect passed through the village of Woolpit, and villagers may have recognized it.


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