Psychology apps for professionals and patients

Keep your thoughts and emotions in balance with these psychology apps for iOS.

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this Psychology It is a branch of science that deals with work behavior and mental processes of individuals. It helps you understand emotions and encourages you to explore. complex concepts such as motivation, personality, interpersonal relationships and more.

Psychology apps for professionals and patients

These are psychology practices that help you balance your mind.

Whether you are a professional in this field, a patient, a student or just love to learn and learn about the subject, these are The best psychology apps available for iPhone.

8 psychology apps available on the App Store

  • Meyo: Emotional Well-being
  • Practical NLP – change your life and achieve your goals
  • Psychology: practical, useful
  • And we talk Psi?
  • Feel – Awareness
  • Basic Psychology Practice
  • Body language – Psychology
  • Moodnotes – Mood Diary

You can see a list below psychology applications learning to read body language, following your emotions, change your life Y achieve your goals.

Meyo: Emotional Well-being

Meyo: Your first step towards personal well-being

Meyo: Your first step towards personal well-being

Meyo: Emotional Well-being an app from psychology that helps improve your self-esteem, calms and reduces anxiety, improves your mood and brings out the best in you in a bearable and fun way.

It a professional-approved method to help you increase your self-confidence, accept and know yourself at any stage of your life.

Practical NLP – change your life and achieve your goals

Practical NLP - change your life and achieve your goals

Change your life and reach your goals with practical NLP

practical NLP It is one of the best apps for Overcoming fears and achieving goals. you can do with it change your thoughts and use its tools to your advantage.

The platform is very complete and covers everything about coaching. Self-improvementself help, self-improvementpsychology and more.

there is also 20+ free NLP tipsinfographics, detailed descriptions, soundtracks for phobias, personal thoughts completely free.

Psychology: practical, useful

psychology, useful

Psychology-practice: information and basic concepts to learn

Psychology: practical, useful a ideal app for psychology studentsbecause your database is full knowledge and basic concepts, theory and influence.

so if you want to learn practical and useful theory from this field of medicine, then this digital tool is for you. Best of all, after read contentThe system will administer a quiz to verify your knowledge.

And we talk Psi?

And We Talk A Psi Emotional Diary

And Are We Talking Psi?: An Emotional Diary

If you’ve encountered these issues in the last few days: anxiety or depressionThen And we talk Psi? This is what you need to overcome all your fears.

about online psychology portal psychological assistance that sessions between 50 minutes and 1 hour with professional psychologists.

they are talented to steer you right depending on your problem and they are willing to accompany you throughout the process.

Feel – Awareness

Increase your well-being with Feel

Increase your well-being with Feel

It’s no secret to anyone that meditation helps. reduce stress levels and anxiety, reducing negative emotions and increase confidence and self-esteem levels.

Fortunately, Feel – Awareness is an application that takes care of all this and improve your well-being Through mindfulness and positive psychology.

In addition, its methodology will help you. accepting life situationsbe flexible with changes, improve your relationshipsfind your purpose and much more.

Basic Psychology Practice

Basic Fundamentals of Psychology

Basic Fundamentals of Psychology

Basic Psychology Practice is another good practice that helps you understand. basics of psychology under someone comfortable and intuitive interface.

In short, it is a very useful tool for students in the first years of psychology or those who want to learn more about psychology. the working of the mind and human behavior.

Body Language – Psychology

Easily detect lies with Body Language

Easily detect lies with Body Language

Body language another best psychology apps that you might have on your iPhone. You will learn with it detecting lies quickly through body language and facial expressions of people.

So, if you have a date or meeting with your colleagues, signs that reveal a lie: gaze direction, lip touch, leg positions and more.

Moodnotes – Mood Diary

Meet your personal mood tracker

Meet your personal mood tracker

mood notes is another good Application for psychologists and patientsespecially if you want to make a report as it helps to keep a more detailed report on each person emotion tracking all day long.

responsible monitor your mood and you will be able to explain your thoughts in detail, so the application similar to a personal diarythe only difference is the setting self control tools improve day by day.

As you will see, these are best psychology apps that you can use for work, private life or just to improve your self-confidence.

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