Thursday, January 12, was pretty chaotic on social networks as Shakira faced off three times over her fans and former Barcelona player Gerard Piqué’s post. BZRP Music Session #53.

And the song turned into a conflict in which Shakira attacked not only her ex-wife, but also her mother-in-law, Clara Chía, and the Spanish Treasure.

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Despite this, he has more support than criticism because, as many say, turning the pain of such a difficult experience into money is a great success.


While he’s not sure if he’s addressing the Colombian woman and possibly corresponding to her usual thoughts, there were those who took the opportunity to connect the text with what happened with the release of Shakira and Bizarrap..

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Some of the answers are:

Yes, dad, but he was unfaithful to her when she put her career aside for him and went to live in Barcelona and raise her children there. He paid for it by bringing his girlfriend home. I don’t know, I don’t think it’s fair in God’s eyes.”

“Dad, but he was unfaithful to you AT HOME WITH HIS CHILDREN. FATHER JAM, JAM!!!”, referring to Shakira’s theory that she discovered Piqué’s scam when she returned home, suspecting that a third party had consumed it because the product she didn’t like was spent.

Others, referring to Hebrews 13:4, recalled the Bible’s words that actually became a commandment: “Let husband and wife be faithful to one another, for God will punish those who forbid sexual intercourse and those who are unfaithful in marriage.” .

Daisy Contreras

Source: Exame

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