As of this February 10, Colombians will be able to purchase the iPhone 14 at 40 Mac Center stores in Colombia.

Juliana Renkfo, CEO of Mac Center and Grupo Davissa, He states that a growth of 18 percent is predicted until 2023. For more than 530 billion pesos in sales, results that are significant for the brand considering the iPhone 14 arrives in Colombia five months later Because of the judgment of 5G technology.

On the other hand, pre-sale iPhone 14, It’s a significant growth over the iPhone 13 launch that started a week ago. That was 40 percent.

In shooting range, iPhone 14 Pro and Promax They are the favorite devices of Colombians. So far, these devices have a share of 83 percent.

“This is not the first time a launch is held in Colombia in October.
The situation already known from the 5G technology decision removed in December, even so, MacCenter Renkfo reported more than 30 percent growth in 2022, focusing its strategy on positioning the entire Apple ecosystem.

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128GB iPhone 14: 4,949,000 pesos
256GB iPhone 14: 5,569,000 pesos
iPhone 14 Plus 128GB: 5,669,000 pesos
256GB iPhone 14 Plus: 6,299,000 pesos
512GB iPhone 14 Plus: 7,499,000 pesos
1TB iPhone 14 Pro: 9,299,000 pesos
iPhone 14 Pro Max. 128: 6,899,000 pesos
iPhone 14 Pro Max. 256: 7,549,000 pesos
iPhone 14 Pro Max. 512: 8,749,000 Pesos
1TB iPhone 14 Pro Max: 9,999,000 pesos

● 0% Interest Plan: Alliance with Davivienda where they can buy devices
apple interest-free up to 36 installments.

● iPhone for Life: It is a financing program where the user can get brand new loans.
Carrying an iPhone and equipment every two years will pay 25% less in monthly fees (applies to physical stores).

● Redemption Plan: deliver your existing smartphone or iPad as part of the payment for your new device
iPhone or iPad.

Source: Exame

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