This is the 17th and 9th state of alcoholism in the south of Bogotá, in the El Sosiego district of the town of San Cristóbal this Sunday afternoon. The man crushed five people and unfortunately one died.

The subject is being detained at Molinos’ Emergency Response Unit (URI), according to authorities. A medical ambulance and three essential transport vehicles arrived at the scene. There were four men and one woman, of which five patients were a child younger than 16 years old. Three of them were hospitalized, and the fatal victim was a 79-year-old man. Others receive special care.

Blanca Durán, director of the Regional Institute for Recreation and Sport (Idrd), regretted what had happened and urged drivers to be wary of cyclists. “I am deeply saddened by the events that took place this morning in Ciclovía, where many cyclists were injured at the height of South 17th Street. We are at the disposal of the affected families and call for the urgent investigation to be carried out,” he wrote in a raspy voice.

It should be noted that since the end of last year, the presence of road actors in a state of alicoramieto, which is increasingly in the city. Lieutenant Colonel Wilson Barrios, chief of the Bogota Police Department of Transport and Transport, pointed out that in December 2022 alone, uniformed police surprised 186 drunk drivers in the nation’s capital.

Colonel Barrios recalled that those who violated the rule “subject to economic sanctions: O grade $2,999,970 million and one-year license suspension, grade 1 $5,999,940 million, three years license suspension, grade 2 $1,999,880 million.” .

“Likewise, drivers who refuse to take a five-year license suspension, grade 3 $23,000,760 million, ten-year license suspension and breathalyzer test are subject to fines of $47,999,520 million and a permanent license suspension.” said. Today a family mourns the irresponsibility of a driver.


Source: Exame

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