The young woman, who was driving the Tucson type truck, lost control of the vehicle with her friends. They had an accident while shooting the video. In the rural area of ​​Sahagún in Córdoba.

The accident recorded images that they intended to upload to social networks.

While enjoying Feid’s ‘California’ song and the euphoria of the moment, they are desperate to lose control of the vehicle and eventually capsize on the road.

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The lyrics of the song were at the time, and with her infectious melody she said, “Baby, I feel like I’m in California because I drink and they don’t tell me anything.” The young woman driving the car looks at her cell phone camera but does not realize the difficulty of the terrain and all the passengers live in fear of their lives.

“My father’s car, my father’s car,” said the driver helplessly, perhaps thinking that his father’s car had broken down and he would suffer the consequences.

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His companion, traveling with him, asked for peace of mind, and eventually the ‘co-pilot’ filmed the inside of the truck with a smile between satisfaction and nervousness.

With the use of mobile phones, young people and adults around the world walk hand in hand with what technology and the moment have to offer on social networks.

“Being on social networks with Tik Toks, the photo of the moment, the video anywhere, the stories on Facebook seem more important than life itself, because doing so exposes themselves to an accident,” says network expert Juan Carlos López. .

He said this would be the case for five young people enjoying a walk in the Sahagún countryside in Córdoba, and he reluctantly decided to record the video to show it later.

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“Many people died in a similar situation from taking pictures on the verge of danger, from answering the phone while driving. People are picking up cell phones and they even want to go to work while driving at high speed,” he says.

The situation with the youth from Sahagún (Córdoba) did not escalate, only with damage to the vehicle and minor injuries to the passengers, and perhaps a situation that they absolutely do not want to repeat.

Francisco Javier Barrios
Exclusive to EL TIEMPO

Source: Exame

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