Mobile applications are positioned as one of the most effective tools used by many. maintaining a constant connection with the world.


In addition, such a development helps to simplify the daily life of its usersto meet their needs such as entertainment, shopping, work and education.

According to a study by the company ‘Flurry Analytics’, the average user spends about five hours a day on their mobile phone and more than two and a half hours are devoted to the use of applications.

For this reason, the number of mobile applications available is countless and hundreds of thousands of downloads are made every day. However, only a few of them manage to position themselves in the market, leading the download peaks in the country.

Reports, studies and analysis are done each year to build rankings and thus understand people’s interest in specific applications and markets.

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According to a study by ‘’ in Colombia, the most in-demand apps in the product purchase and free download segment on both iOS and Google Play are:

1. Falabella

2. Shopping

3. Free Market


5. Success

6. Aliexpress

7. Line

8. GoTrendier


10. Amazon

According to the App Store, iOS app, Falabella received 4.7 points from its consumers on a scale of 1 to 5, Shopee 4.4, Mercado Libre 4.8, Alibaba 4.8 and Éxito 3.1.

Moreover, Report shows how Instagram dethroned Chinese social network TikTokWhile taking the title of the most downloaded application on mobile devices worldwide, Facebook and WhatsApp keep their place in 2022ranked third and fourth, respectively.

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Shopping apps have become popular after the pandemic. Clothing consumption has changed in countries like Colombialaunches a new ‘online’ market that shortens purchase times, avoids travel and opens up the possibility of new forms of consumption, such as the second-hand market.


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