A new poll, released in the last hours, shows the following figures on Colombians’ intentions to vote less than two weeks before the Presidential election: Gustavo Petro, 36.64%; Federico Gutierrez, 21.40%; undecided, 14.39%; Rodolfo Hernandez 10.90%; blank vote, 6.19%; and Sergio Fajardo, 6.06%.

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The survey was conducted by TYSE technology and election services firm. Carlos Ariel Sanchez TorresNational Registrar of Civil Status of Colombia; and Alfonso Portela Herrán, who is also an expert on electoral issues.

Enrique Gómez Martínez 1.30% under Fajardo; John Milton Rodríguez 1.16% and Ingrid Betancourt 0.88%.

According to the survey firm, the sample size 8,000 peopleWith a confidence level of 97.3% and a margin of error of less than 2.7%.

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The firm was also asked by whom I wouldn’t vote.

The results of the question of who will not vote for the citizens are as follows:

Federico Gutiérrez, Team Colombia: 37.66%

Gustavo Petro Historical Agreement: 25.92%

Blank votes: 9.15%

Unstable: 7.70%

Sergio Fajardo: 5.77%

Ingrid Betancourt: 5.68%

Rodolfo Hernandez: 3.42%

John Milton Rodriguez: 1.75%

Enrique Gomez Martinez: 1.74%


Source: Exame

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