Viva Air and Ultra Air would be saved. Transport Minister Guillermo Reyes voiced this at a press conference where he announced a set of measures to face the social, economic and air connectivity challenges facing the San Andrés Archipelago, Providencia and Santa Catalina.

On the one hand, the Minister said that by the middle of next week at the latest, Civil Aviation will solve the problem. Integration between Avianca and Viva Air.

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It should be noted that the latter announced in February that it was suspending all operations nationwide due to its fragile financial situation. The reason for this is rapidly increasing fuel prices and high dollar.

By the way, probably before the end of this month Viva airline returns to Colombian airimportant to passengers, company employees and travel agentsReyes, who assured that these measures will help solve the crisis in the air sector in the country, continued his words as follows:

A few days ago, my lath In a second phase of the integration process between Avianca and Viva Air, it appealed to the aviation authority to consider a number of issues.
​ ​
Latam Airlines Colombia considers that some criteria still need to be defined in the conditioning of slots (take-off and landing shifts) at El Dorado Airport. and elements in a way that would reduce the effectiveness of this measure as a remedy for the anti-competitive effects of integration, and not lead to inefficiencies in their use.

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According to ultra airlineExplaining that he suspended his activities before Easter, he said that he took a series of measures.

Has a very advanced capitalization process it might be ready before the month is out, it’s very advanced. Ultra planes to fly in our skies and most likely for international flightssaid the minister.

A few days ago, Bolivian businessman German EfromovicThe owner of Avianca offered its shareholders a dollar for the company.

The minister also said that they will strengthen the budget. satin purchasing aircraft that allows it to compete with airlines such as Avianca, Latam and Wingo, among others. “There will not be ultra planes, there will be planes to be bought in the form of leasing. Ultra is different, Satena is different“, aforementioned.

It also assured that subsidies would be given to air freight service companies to provide essential public services in San Andrés.

“We need the Minister of Finance (José Antonio Ocampo) to issue the decree that allows airlines other than existing ones to start flying with charter flights and those made by them. Easyfly and Satena. Subsidies from the transport sector with resources from the National Government,” he said.

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Eventually, he assured them that they would do a workout. marketing controlled to avoid abuse of flight tickets.


Source: Exame

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