Spotify now has a new widget to access your songs from the lock screen

Spotify has released an update that includes a very useful new feature for the lock screen.

Promo image of new Spotify widgets on iOS

this is true Android has always been ahead of iOS when it comes to widgets.. They existed in the operating system created by Google for many years. But since the arrival of widgets on iOS, the design of the iPhone user interface has been completely redefined, and its look and feel have changed completely.

Additionally, since its birth, iPhone widgets have been evolving. For a few months now, iOS widgets have been much more personalized – they still need a little more freedom. However, since Spotify has not yet taken advantage of this innovation of iOS 16, who knows why…

Here is the new Spotify widget for iPhone!

Spotify’s revamped widgets will now allow users to directly access their library of favorite songs from their iPhone’s lock screen.

Spotify introduced its new widgets in a press release on its official website:

“New widget for iPhone lock screen is available to all users. To add the widget to the lock screen, you must have iOS 16 or later installed. If you don’t see the option to add a widget, make sure to update it. Install Spotify to the latest version from the App Store “

How to add new Spotify widget on iOS?

Here are the steps you need to follow to add the Spotify widget to your iPhone’s lock screen:

  • Press and hold your finger on the lock screen.
  • Then press the button “Personalize”.
  • choose Lock screen.
  • Then click on area of ​​your widgets or select “Add new widget”.
  • searches spotify in the iOS widget list.
  • choose Format Select and drag the item to the lock screen.

Installing new widgets is extremely simple and intuitive

It’s that easy! After following these steps… you will have Spotify widget! Oh, and remember if it doesn’t show it’s because you have to. update app Installing from the App Store will not take long, and the novelty is great for listening to calm music at your leisure.

Source: i Padizate

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