Usually when playing in online multiplayer or a competitive level, you try to complement your skill with the best peripherals to prevail over your opponents.

The PC has different keyboard and mouse configurations, lighter or heavier, more sensitive and with more buttons, while the console has controllers that keep the shape pattern but reconfigure some of its features to give you ‘more’. we’re searching. actor

In line with this, Xbox launched the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, the latest evolution of its most advanced controller, at CES 2019. Includes an adjustment system for RT and LT triggers that make their moves shorter or longer. It also includes four removable sticks on its back that can be configured to replace any button on the controller from the accessories app.

The D-PAD is neither the traditional crosshead (although it has it) nor the version included in the Xbox Series controls. It is a type of thumb resting plate with well-defined corners that make it easy to use with precision.

As for the ‘joystick’, it has six adapters. Some are longer, some are shorter; some are flat and others are round. Additionally, with the help of a small button, you can adjust the resistance offered by these levers, a feature appreciated in games like Flight Simulator and Call of Duty.

This remote does not use batteries, battery is included. It has a nearly two-metre cordless USB cable and a magnetic charging base that can be used inside and outside its semi-rigid case, perfect for taking it anywhere with confidence.

On the other hand, this base version (white) Xbox Series X | Although it came out some time after the release of S consoles, it lacks a button to save video game clips easily and quickly, which is really sad. Instead, where this button is going, there’s a profile where you can switch between three configuration profiles that can be saved.

Finally, it should be said that the ends of this remote are rubber-coated, which provides a great grip.

This controller is available in the full version priced at around 1,100,000 pesos or in the basic version released in September 2022. The control consists of the ‘joystick’ adjustment key and the USB cable. Its price is about 800,000 pesos.

In case the player wants all the accessories (case, ‘joystick’ versions, handles and magnetic charging base), They can be purchased for close to 300,000 pesos.p. which makes it possible to buy the ‘pro’ version of the Xbox controller at scale.

Source: Exame

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