Music application Trebel, which does not need the Internet and does not cost users, announced the integration of ChatGPT on its platform on Tuesday. With this artificial intelligence, the company aims to provide an interactive and more personalized experience to its users in Colombia, the United States, Mexico and Indonesia.

This new feature, called Trebel AI, allows users to query more broadly as if it were a chat. That is, they should not only type in artist, album, or song titles to figure out what to listen to, but they can also write lyrics snippets or share some sentiments that they would like the list of suggested songs to link to.

We got early access to the show at EL TIEMPO. One of the tests was “I’m too lazy to go out this Friday. Can you suggest a playlist that will motivate me?” To this Trebel replied:

“Sure partner! I have a strong list to get you going out and dancing until dawn. Today we’re going to be talking about songs that have a strong and sticky beat and keep your hips moving non-stop. get ready to sweat!”

Suggested songs included “Pégate”, “La Gozadera”, “Bailar”, “La Mordidita”, “Me Gusta” and “I Like It”.

In this context, Kevin Mills, the company’s business development lead, points out: “With Trebel AI, we enable the person to say clearly what they want, and by doing this through conversation they can add emotion, context, keywords, and that produces musical results”.

Trebel, like other music apps, has its own algorithms that determine patterns and likes based on user interactions and the playlists they create.

Now, with ChatGPT integration, recommendations can be more ‘adjusted’ to user requests for AI. For example, someone who only listens to the music of the moment because they have the most or doesn’t interact much with the app (just clicks ‘play’ and ‘skip’) at the end of the Universe, a bit limited in recommendations.

With interaction via messages as we mentioned above with AI, the ‘app’ will be expanded to allow the spectrum to offer songs from different genres, years, languages ​​and artists added to the user’s interaction.

The Trebel app is available at: Google Play, App Store and AppGallery for mobile devices. After downloading the user must create their own account and specify the music preferences for which the ‘app’ is personalized.

Then the user can navigate through playlists, artists, albums or the search bar.

Before you can listen to a song, you must save it to your device. By clicking “Download”, Trebel automatically presents an ad and continues downloading the file so that the user can listen to a portion of the program at any time without having to see it again and spend mobile data on their internet plan. .

As with ChatGPT, there is a text box where users type their requests. The more accurate and full of information, the better the result.

After receiving the request, Trebel AI creates a personalized playlist, taking into account listening history, musical tastes and the need of the moment.

From this point on, the user can see the ad piece first and download the songs to listen. A total of 10 questions can be asked to Trebel AI. When this quota runs out, the user should see another ad.

Source: Exame

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