Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) goes to Princeton. At least that is his intention. So is the loss of virginity. The character achieves results in both the fourth and final season of the series. I never from Netflix. But what seems like an inevitable step in a young woman’s life has a sense of emotional fulfillment. In an argument, sexuality and the search for intimate goals are linked in a goal. Find a place that you can call home and that will allow you to understand its history through all its parts.

The plot of the production has never been simple, no matter how it may seem. Created by Mindy Kaling, Lang Fischer, Ben Steiner and Aaron Geary, the series explores the sense of belonging through an inner search. With humor—chapters are narrated in John McEnroe’s monotonous voice—and a sensitive eye for intimacy.

every episode I never it delves into the life of Devi and her family like a map through carefully analyzed stages. The first season focused on death and mourning as a path to a generous world. The rest of the parties became bolder and dared to question women’s sexuality, individuality, and youthful desire.

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I never

Netflix’s I Never reaches its fourth season, which ends each of its stories without losing strength or tenderness. This is not only his main character, but also the rest of the characters. A brilliant decision that turns the story into a choral journey through growth and maturity. With ten chapters that cover Devi’s (Maitreya Ramakrishnan) last days before entering university, the series restores the best of its humorous tone. In the final scene, his central figure finds his target. Just like this unusual series, realistically exploring the life of a modern teenager.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Growing up is painful, but also liberating.

However, this is the fourth season. I never one who strives for an endless dialogue Devi your mental and emotional processes become stronger. Especially since he must leave the world as he knew it and take the last step towards adulthood. Even if it means giving up newfound love, the protective cocoon of a mother, and even the feeling that there is a place to return to.

I never it’s one of the few shows on Netflix that doesn’t rely on scandal or momentary shock to be effective. Instead, he wonders about the steps of a particularly fragile stage of growth. But he also doesn’t believe that the teenage world is, by definition, unstable, romantic, or sentimental. The screenplay by Lang Fischer, Mindy Kaling, Justin Noble and Akshara Sekar believes that every element of the process of growing up is an intellectual and moral combination.

The process of understanding one’s own weaknesses and going through a difficult path to goals, both achieved and those that will eventually have to be abandoned. Fourth season I never he realizes that he has reached the end of his questions. Hence Devi starts moving towards the woman she will be with the story. About how he had his first sexual experience.

I neverjourney through adolescence

The first chapter actually begins with a description of the hour after Devi Sleep with Ben (Jaren Lewisohn). The script tells this moment from a tongue-in-cheek perspective of the inevitable. Analyze the time when everything happened, what will be remembered in the future, the place and emotions. Every word that was said and that was not said. The young couple is uncomfortable and confused. This is all? This is a question that each of them asks separately.

Of course, this is a narrative trick that the series will use more than once. This time the omnipresent voice Devi – and John McEnroe – tells about the life of Ben. In the same time kamala (Richa Murjani) nalini (Purna Jagannathan) Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez) and Eleanor (Ramona Young). Each of them takes on a new relevance and becomes part of the central conflict. I never he makes the smart decision to let his entire cast flourish through their characters. To give everyone a full arc of maturity with new dimensions and unique depth.

Ben and Devi in ​​Never Me, Netflix series
Jaren Lewisohn as Ben Gross and Maitreya Ramakrishnan as Devi. I never. Netflix © 2022

For ten chapters, Devi You will find that going to college is not just a physical movement. This means leaving behind the death of her father, the friendship that has supported her for many years, and Ben. But the young woman who will make decisions, including the separation from her mother, will become a new figure. In her farewell, which pays homage to Bollywood, Devi reveals she is ready to get off the college waiting list that has threatened her for the season. At the same time make a leap into the future.

She will do so in the form of the everyday heroine she has become. I never, the best teen comedy on Netflix, says goodbye with a symbolic scene that shows that its plot has completed a brilliant and well-told journey. A surprise that becomes perhaps the most exciting moment in a series that has become more meaningful and friendly over time.

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