Although Batman It ended up being a big hit as a reboot of the franchise, with Robert Pattinson’s casting as the cult hero still not well received by purists of the saga so far. Now maybe you could try; and that’s what this special effects artist Replaced actor’s face with Ben Affleck’s faceformer Batman.

Video created by user Strider-HD. On his YouTube channel, he describes himself as a video editor and special effects artist. Based on my knowledge in this area, devoted himself to making videos deepfake from films and other moments of popular culture it can be fun for internet users.

Of course it’s not the first deepfake this guy who uploads to his channel but he is very persuasive. During a video lasting just over a minute and a half, Stryder HD shows us original version Batmanside by side with own edition. Except for a few scenes where deepfake evident; The Stryder HD did a great job creating a very convincing result. much better than him deepfake Elon Musk for Cryptocurrency Fraud.

Except for some slightly blurred facial expressions, Ben Affleck’s face goes very well with the dark atmosphere of Robert Pattinson and Robert Pattinson. Batman. Undoubtedly This is one of the most curious versions of the film..

It is mine Ben Affleck returns as Bruce Wayne in Batman 2, where I show what Ben Affleck could actually look like; return as Bruce Wayne in the new Batman movie released in 2022 instead of Robert Pattinson thanks to technology.”deep fakeI hope you all enjoy it and if you do, please like, comment and subscribe for many more videos like this weekly.

Stryder HD in the description of his YouTube video

New look at Batman Matt Reeves

The Batman 2

Despite the detractors the film had at the time of its announcement, it seems that the film managed to achieve great international success. In fact, the second part of the movie has already been confirmed. As with this first installment, the new iteration will feature Matt Reeves in the director’s chair and Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne.

In addition, producer Dylan Clark confirmed that he had created “sort of a map of where Bruce’s psychology would grow in two more films”; to we can also expect the third part of the saga. So the reboot of the great hero franchise will be a trilogy if everything goes as expected.

If you haven’t seen it yet Batmanthe film is already available on the platform streaming HBOMax. The film became one of the most successful of the year.and also in one of the most fantastic versions of the Gotham hero that we have ever met.

Source: Hiper Textual

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