In case you’re wondering, the rumors are true. F/A-18E Super Hornet aircraft used in production and filming Top Shooter: Maverick They are owned by the US government. Apparently, the military and aviation department of the country allowed it to be used for the film without any problems. But on one condition: the studio paid $11,374 an hour for each of the sets. In addition, special items have been added to it. The US government has made it clear that the actor, known for his love of risqué scenes, cannot touch aircraft controls.

Of course, this is an additional precaution to preserve the integrity of the assets used in Top Shooter: Maverick. Tom Cruise is famous for his realistic fighting scenes. Especially in the series Mission impossible made it clear that the priority is that he can perform live shots unaided. So the actor’s possible intention to fly one of the F/A-18E Super Hornets shown on the screen might seem tempting. Instead, he had to be content with getting to know the controls and the flight area.

Top Shooter: Maverick, which takes a realistic approach to the story, was recorded aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln in August 2018. Its main scenes used footage from exercises involving the F-35C Lightning II military fighter. The rest of the production took place at Lemoore Naval Air Station in central California. Between the two locations, the film insisted on adding the final touch of realism that makes the film a visually stunning sight.

Tom Cruise and his special film requirements

Despite this, Cruz demanded that all the actors involved in the project, Top Shooter: Maverick had at least one flight experience. In particular, to experience for yourself what can happen to a pilot working under the influence of huge gravitational forces. Part of the film’s dynamics involves immersing yourself in the experiences of the pilots, so the persistence makes a lot of sense. Back in 1986, Cruise was flying a jet plane in the original version. the best weaponDirected by Tony Scott.

In the end, the actor was allowed to fly, but accompanied by specialized pilots. According to Glen Roberts, head of entertainment media at the Pentagon,and came to an intermediate solution that ensured the flight. Cause? There is an outright ban on access by non-military personnel to US military weapons. However, the actors Top Shooter: Maverick they followed the F/A-18F pilots. And this is only after completing basic training in emergency ejection and survival at sea.

Roberts, who has detailed the production of aircraft, aircraft carriers and military bases in recent weeks, also cleared up another hot spot. According to him, real Top Gun pilots are not brash, capricious, and certainly not criminal. They are, in fact, officials carefully trained in specific operations at Fallon Naval Air Station in Nevada, where the actual Top Gun school is located.

In addition, an interesting fact was discovered. Any film that uses U.S. military installations and weapons “must maintain the integrity of the military.” In other words, make it clear that everything that is part of the military property of the country serves the nation and the civilian population.

Clear points for Top Gun: Maverick

In a production note Top Shooter: MaverickParamount Pictures added that Tom Cruise created your own training program. And this, including during the months of filming, taking into account the discipline and severity of the military. This allowed the young actors to feel not only their characters, but also the real pilots they were supposed to represent.

Top Gun: Maverick

The study also clarifies that a Super Hornet aircraft known as the “Rhino” was used for the recording. This allowed the actors and cinematographer to fly alongside the real pilot for several key shots.

Finally, he made it clear that the Pentagon would pay damages to any aircraft. Breaking down the data reveals a staggering usage figure for each flight and device. In 2018, when filming began, the planes cost $11,374. A record for a film of this style that is expected to be offset by worldwide box office success.

Source: Hiper Textual

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