James Gunn keep sharing details of what we might see in Superman: Legacy. This time, the new clues are related to the logo, costume, and tone the character can use in this movie. The feature film will serve as a start for a new stage DC Extended Universe.

True to his habit of sharing information through social media, James Gunn used Twitter competitor Bluesky to share an image of a character from an old animated series. In material reflected on Twitter via the producer’s profile Matt Ramos, you can see a drawing from another era. In particular, the figure’s logo and costume attracted attention. They have obvious differences if we compare them with the most recent adaptations.

Superman: Legacywhich is scheduled to premiere in 2025, already has an actor in the lead role: David Korenswet. Long before this revelation, James Gunn had already begun to shape the script. In this context, what does the last image you shared suggest?

Costume Superman: Legacya trip to the past?

The image posted by James Gunn is part of one of the most classic character submissions. We are talking about animated films about Superman, created by Max Fleischer. The author’s line spawned a total of 17 shorts produced between 1941 and 1943. What could this mean for the future?

First, the logo and costume are much simpler than what has been presented recently. But this detail is only a part of the symbolism, which, perhaps, will be reflected in the production. James Gunn insisted during those months that he was interested in a character that conveyed more than just authority, strength, fighting ability, and other action-related issues.

Gunn also wants his adaptation of Superman to show the hero as personable, smiling and friendly to the viewer.. In this sense, Fleischer’s animated shorts fit this search. This is one of the first versions of the drawing. In them, in addition to showing all his strength, he could be seen as someone close, maintaining a much more horizontal relationship than hierarchical. This is a key moment compared to the most recent production of the DC Extended Universe starring Henry Cavill.

Thus, James Gunn could not only give his work a personality, but also something else. Showing Superman closer to the citizen, warm and friendly, is also a declaration of principle as to what the director aims to recreate in the DC Extended Universe he is currently co-hosting with Peter Safran. At this point, any wink or mention is no longer a coincidence. Will this be the last costume we see in Superman: Legacy? Will have to wait…

Premiere Superman: Legacy scheduled for July 11, 2025.

Source: Hiper Textual

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