After passing through Marvel Cinematic UniverseMay be Robert Downey Jr. became one of the most popular actors of recent years in cinema. It’s not hard to imagine that thanks to his fame and recognition, even a viewer not following this franchise could refer to his performance as Tony Stark. However, now that he has become part of the cast Oppenheimerhas another megaproject in high esteem.

During the red carpet of the film’s premiere, Robert Downey Jr. briefly reflected on the film in relation to his film career. You have to consider that he is not new to the industry. Remember, the first performance lb., in which he participated, dates back to 1970, when he was still a child. About the director’s film Christopher Nolan explained: “I will say decisively: This is the best movie I’ve ever been in And I can’t wait for you all to see it.”

Robert Downey Jr plays Lewis Strauss in Oppenheimer. This film tells the story of the creation of the first atomic bomb. For several months, the film was the talk of the day for its aesthetics, the technical resources used, and the cast, with Downey Jr. being one of those that garnered the most attention.

This is largely due to his appearance on the tape. There have been notable changes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to his work. In the Nolan film, he is shown as an older character in relation to Tony Stark. But it’s not only that. Oppenheimer It will also allow us to see the interpreter in a register that is very different from that of superhero movies. As Lewis Strauss, his role is dramatic, not comedic. Strauss is an important figure in history due to his ability to move through different areas of society and the power of the moment.

Added to this is the film’s own plot, which explores one of humanity’s most horrific events. Between the backstory, aesthetic and technical proposal, it is likely that Oppenheimer As a result, it became one of the films of the year. This possibility is also feasible due to its cast. Along with Robert Downey Jr., the following actors perform: Cillian Murphy, as J. Robert Oppenheimer. They accompany him Emily Bluntportraying biologist Katherine; Robert Downey Lewis Strauss; Matt Damonbeing General Leslie Groves, who was the director of the Manhattan Project and Florence Puiggiving birth to psychiatrist Jean Tetlock.

Oppenheimer It will be released in theaters on July 20, 2023.

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