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Thousands of podcasts from Apple, Google and others stop working due to a mysterious Spotify glitch


streaming platforms, and the software as a whole can suffer many types of failures: bugs, hacks, DDoS attacks, unnecessary users, as well as human errors.

But there are failures that are so fundamental that they should never happen. And if they arise, they need to be quickly eliminated.

Yesterday Monday, over 8 o’clock thousands of podcasts are stored in MegafonSpotify service, was not heard because SSL certificate has expiredIt is reported by The Verge.

Spotify bought Megafon a couple of years ago, podcast hosting platform that inserts ads so that content creators can earn money. And Megafon also takes its percentage, of course …

They are posted here Spotify Exclusive Podcasts, from Michelle Obama to the controversial Joe Rogan. But also exclusive podcasts from Apple, Google and more.

An SSL certificate is an authorization that certifies that the website you are visiting is the original and not a copy. It is also used to encrypt content so no one knows what you are doing online.

These certificates are currently required on all websites, and if you don’t have them or if they’ve expired, the page won’t load. That’s what happened to Megaphone whose SSL certificate has expired and podcasts were no longer available.

The company acknowledged this, but did not explain why it made such a serious mistake: “Megafon had a platform crash due to an issue with our SSL certificate.Erin Stiles, spokesperson for Spotify, announced the news.

During the outage, customers were unable to access Megafon’s CMS, and podcast listeners were unable to download podcast episodes from publishers hosted on Megafon. The Megafon service has since been restored.“.

This is an incomprehensible error because these certificates issue notifications when they expire. In addition, it is normal for companies with such critical services to set up their own alert mechanisms before they expire.


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SSL certificates have a maximum validity period of 13 months.although it can be extended to two years, as Megafon did in May 2020. After this time, they must be renewed, otherwise they expire.

Assuming a mistake and assuming that it can happen, Spotify also didn’t explain why it took 8 hours to renew said certificate.an automated operation that shouldn’t cost so much.

this error caused discomfort among current podcasts which are broadcast live because many of them do not have the ability to broadcast events, series premieres, sporting events and more.

Source: Computer Hoy

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