Equalizer 3 It hits theaters promising to at least keep the level of the previous two installments. Director, Antoine Fuquaconfirmed that this third film would be the end of a nine-year-old franchise. In her, Denzel Washington He has become one of the best action heroes of the last decade. Under the stamp of outright and unbridled violence, the director and performer are preparing to offer the last bloody dance.

after graduation Equalizer 2, Robert McCall he continues to anonymously help his neighbors on various assignments. One of them where he starts Equalizer 3will take you to Italy. In particular, it must reach Sicily. There, he will enter a mansion owned by a dangerous criminal family and do what he knows best. Distribute revelry to the right and left. But later McCall he will not return to the United States, but will settle in a European country.

Start a new life, forget the ghosts of his past and find peace again – these are the motives that make him settle in a small coastal town in the south of the country. But this is Italy, and the mafia has spread its weapons all over the country. Something before which the vigilante cannot sit idly by. When a gang of young people scares their new neighbors, the protagonist will have to act, knowing how dangerous the enemy is this time.

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Equalizer 3

Denzel Washington returns as ruthless vigilante Robert McCall. The part that ends the saga with a very refreshing story in southern Italy, where the mafia threatens to make matters worse than ever. A very frank celebration of blood and violence that fans of action movies will appreciate and enjoy, despite the glitches in the rhythm..

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Rampant action Equalizer 3

But the point is, if anything is to have a good movie, Equalizeris a worthy opponent McCall. The guy who faced Russian assassins and highly trained American mercenaries can’t challenge anyone now. Antoine Fuquathe director of three films knew this. And so he decided that Equalizer 3 count on very consistent and bloodthirsty antagonists. This is the Neapolitan mafia, but not the one that was seen in the movies of past years, but the current one.

This group of criminals who establish their reign of terror through threats and vendettas are actually young pimps. They don’t wear suits and ties, they wear jackets and ride noisy motorcycles, pulling knives and blowing things up. Unconscious and reckless, they’ll make life hard McCall. First of all, because above them, of course, is a much more intelligent and ruthless boss. With this premise, Equalizer 3 gives what it promises.

Equalizer 3

The new film is undoubtedly the most brutal of the three, although the deaths themselves are not as spectacular as in the previous two. But from the first scene Equalizer 3 fills the screen with wild and hilarious violence, leaving a few more crazy scenes to remember. This is a great signature. fukua on AND, the director wanted to say goodbye in style, giving fans something they love so much.

To do this, he uses his best weapon – a top-level actor such as Denzel Washington. There is no one on the planet who could even slightly doubt his acting skills. But at 68, the two-time Oscar winner is having fun like never before. He perfected that double register needed to give life McCall. On the one hand, a charming and benevolent man who is slowly aging. On the other hand, the most sadistic vigilante that no one can face. Actor’s work Equalizer 3 she is flawless, knows she will probably never return to the role, and wants to say goodbye with honor.

Rhythm with ups and downs

The film’s action, again, is the highlight of the offering. But, like his predecessors, Equalizer 3 you also have time to provide backstory. A narrative by which a banquet feast can be justified, a plot by which the protagonist has a dramatic context. It’s there sometimes fukua wins and at times shows wear and tear on the franchise.

The film intertwines different ideas, and not all have the same effect. There are some very good ones, such as the fact that McCall I want to live in the world again. He tried it many years ago with a promise to his late wife. But his morality forced him to take action. Now he is ready to lay down his weapons and focus on himself, to grow old like everyone else. Somewhat obvious ending, but perfect for its development. Especially due to the fact that it is located outside the United States, so as not to be repeated and not to surprise. But not everything in Equalizer 3 it’s so accurate.

Equalizer 3

The mafia story is good, though at times the film insists on humanizing and deepening certain characters that the audience will forget once they leave the theater. However, there are other storylines that, without making spoilersThey seem to be added like a bead that has nothing to do with it. That is how they develop and that is how they end, without leading to any completely organic moment. And among this verbiage the rhythm Equalizer 3 he resents. At least until the third act comes around and the action comes back into the spotlight.

As a conclusion, it can be stated that Equalizer 3 Perfect for the end of the trilogy. Saga fans who love to watch so much Washington killing the worst villains, they will leave more than satisfied. He may not be the best of the three, but he is certainly at the level that was required of him. This is a very interesting, fresh and effective ending.

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