There are two things you should know about the character Chandler Bing, played by Matthew Perry in the film. Friends. Firstly, in the first season of the series, he was only comic relief for the plot. But then creators David Crane and Marta Kaufman decided to explore the actor’s sense of satirical humor a little more, which ended up being a success.

Secondly, most of his most memorable chapters deal with his fears, insecurities and unpleasant moments. A reflection of a strange personal moment that the actor experienced in his life. According to his memoirs, the pressures of fame made him feel watched, upset and out of place most of the time. However, it provided some of the series’ most memorable moments. What he later realized allowed him to cope with his addictions and anxieties.

We leave you with five of the many great Chandler Bing moments on the show. Friends. From an episode that showcased his full capacity for physical humor to an episode that landed him on a date with one of Hollywood’s great actresses. A selection to remember the performer for what he was: a capable person making people laugh with a brilliant and often touching sense of humor.

The Blackout Episode (Season One)

Any fan knows that the episodes Friends They do not have a name, but a short description of what is happening. Therefore, “The One with Blackout” made it clear that this is one of those events that will be remembered in the future. It was, without a doubt. In this episode, Chandler finds himself in the middle of an electrical disaster. stuck in an ATM with Victoria’s Secret model Jill Goodacre.

But of course, it’s Chandler, and what could have been a perfect romantic encounter ends in madness. From nearly choking to death after swallowing a ball of gum, to playing with pens to pass the time. The chapter fully demonstrates the sensitivity, clumsiness and nervous kindness of his dearest friend.

The one after the Super Bowl (season two)

The anecdote is already known: Matthew Perry was Julia Roberts’ partner for more than six months. And yes, it all started with the star’s cameo in Friends. The coincidence also led to one of the great chapters of the series. In this episode, Chandler meets an actress who turns out to be a classmate of his that he vaguely remembers. What bears fruit is a passionate and fleeting romance, ending, of course, in a fun situation.

After convincing Chandler to wear her underwear, Julia Roberts manipulates him into stripping in public. Only to later take his clothes and lock him in the men’s room of a restaurant in a woman’s thong. Solution? Exit, closing the stall door with your nakedness.

The one Eddie moves to (season two)

In season two, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) finally finds success as an actor and moves into his own apartment. Which leads to one of the most hilarious twists imaginable. Eager to prove that the sudden situation doesn’t matter to him, Chandler looks for a new housemate.

But it quickly becomes clear that Eddie (Adam Goldberg) is more than just a guy looking for a place to live. From his obsession with fish (living and dead) to dissecting fruit. The character eventually becomes intimidating until finally Joey and Chandler join forces to make him go away. Leaving behind one of the most fun chapters of the series.

The One Where No One Is Ready (Season Three)

Fans will remember this episode as a test of patience. While Ross (David Schwimmer) tries to prepare the group for a big professional event, the others seem especially interested in not being prepared. Specifically, Joey and Chandler, who end up arguing madly over its place on a piece of furniture in Monica’s (Courteney Cox) house.

But the matter doesn’t end there. Things get worse when they both decide to provoke each other. It ends with Joey wearing all of Chandler’s clothes – from underwear to ties – while dancing and doing calisthenics in the middle of the room. questionFor the neurotic Chandler, this was more than enough to bring him to the brink of collapse.

The Episode with the Embryos (Season Four)

Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) wants to get pregnant so she can be a surrogate mother for her newly met brother, hence the title of the episode. But while this is happening, Joey and Chandler challenge Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Monica to a tournament to show who knows who more. The host will be Ross, who, of course, already had everything he needed to host the game.

Everything seems to be an even match until the fateful question arises: what does Chandler do? It’s not just the show’s old tradition of completely ignoring what a character does for a living that’s being celebrated. It also gives way to one of the greatest moments of Chandler’s life when, after his triumph, he arrives to claim his prize. Monica’s large and comfortable apartment in exchange for the bachelor life she shares with Joey.. According to the plot, the character is depicted on a porcelain dog driving into an apartment on wheels.

Chandler in a Box (season four)

The biggest challenge to Chandler and Joey’s friendship came when Matthew Perry’s character fell in love with Katie (Paget Brewster). It was one of his friend’s many romantic interests that led him straight down the path of betrayal. This ended in a serious quarrel between them and eventually Joey’s threat to leave the apartment they shared forever.

In a desperate attempt to repair their friendship, Chandler locks himself in a box as punishment for his infidelity. To satisfy Joey, he must remain silent for at least one night and prove that what happened was serious. But Chandler didn’t expect Katie to come say goodbye to both of them. Faced with the choice between Joey and the girl of his dreams, Chandler doesn’t say a word. locked in the house and only at parting he manages to stick his finger through the hole.

Of course, the episode ends with Joey forgiving everything, just in time. so Chandler can go and get Katie back.

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