Ridley Scott He has always been a director very willing to say what he thinks. At 85, he doesn’t need to filter his words. And with promotion Napoleon He makes this very clear. In fact, some of his statements are not well received in France. The director accomplished the colossal, ambitious task of portraying the soldier. And although he is perceived outside as a conqueror and in many cases a sadistic and cruel person, the French highly respect him and do not hesitate to protect him.

So some criticism Napoleon were very destructive, even classifying it as “Barbie and Ken at Empire”. They also defined it as a collection of awkward, stilted and anti-French inaccuracies. But in a counterattacking game Scott teacher. And when asked about similar comments in subsequent interviews, he did not hesitate to answer. “The French don’t even like themselves,” he said before BBC. A phrase that has gone around the world and has already become one of the most iconic in the director’s life.

But his attacks on France and, above all, on those who so vehemently opposed his film, did not end there. During his visit to Spain, he attended a press conference at the Prado Museum. And when he was asked about this in the newspaper ABConce again clarified his position regarding Napoleon and his army. “You did very well in driving out the French,” he sneered. Ridley Scott. Of course, he makes it clear that the audience to whom he showed his film in Paris liked the film. He recognizes that disqualifications come from very specific sectors.

Ridley Scott against historians for Napoleon

Among them are those who strive to preserve complete historical accuracy, even in the field of fiction. For them, Scott He also said a few words. “This is absolute nonsense,” he snapped in statements to Europe Press. “There will always be historians who say that, but they don’t want to talk about the individual Bonaparte. This means there is a lot of speculation and different views, which also means there is a lack of rigor,” he reflects.

He had defended the same idea a few days earlier. Time. “Napoleon died. Ten years later, someone wrote a book. Later, someone wrote another book based on this first book, and so on until 400 years have passed,” he suggests. Therefore, he believes that nothing can be said about his project, no matter how many licenses he receives. “When a historian tells me something, I ask him: were you there? No. So shut up,” he says. New Yorkerwhich Ridley Scott He asked them to “buy life.”

It had to be his own Joaquin Phoenixwho gives life Napoleon in a film that qualified its director. “If you really want to truly understand Napoleon, you should probably do your own research. Because if you watch this film, it will be an experience told through Ridley’s eyes,” recommended the translator. Be that as it may, it is clear that no matter how many years pass, Ridley Scott It has not lost its authenticity. Meanwhile, the film will hit theaters on November 24.

Source: Hiper Textual

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