In the fictional town of Ennis, created by writer Issa Rae for True Detective: Polar Night from HBO, it all happens in the dark. People living in Alaska experience an annual phenomenon that extends darkness by 65 days or more. This is due to the tilt of the Earth and the way sunlight hits the planet. Something that causes what is called eternal night.

In manufacturing, long periods of darkness are more than just a natural phenomenon. It is also a script that allows you to understand the behavior of the characters. Moreover, how they react to the inexplicable events that they are faced with. In its third episode, the anthology series made something clear: everything that haunts and kills is part of a shadow that lasts for months.

This is a twist that turns what happens in the plot into a direct consequence of a phenomenon that the characters cannot control. In other words, the three-month-long Alaskan night featured in the first episode of the series is more than just darkness. As usually happens in anthology series, It is also a way to understand the behavior of the two main characters on duty.

But this time, in addition to diving into secrets Danvers (Jodie Foster) or agent Navarrese (Kali Reis) is doing something else. It is also the cause (or seemingly the cause) of the brutal horrors they both face. In the first episode, it becomes clear that what threatens Ennis began in the final sunset before the months of darkness. The story shows a herd of elk sacrificing themselves by jumping into a gorge. At the same time, the first signs appear that the future victims of the research station are being attacked by an invisible force. Everything happens in the middle of the last hours of light. What makes a winter night the cause – uncontrollable and dangerous – of a supernatural event.

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Secrets revealed in the third chapter of the series

For your new episode, The sense that the night brought with it a threat beyond the assassination of the research station is clear. The series begins by explaining that just before the night fell, which lasts for months, there were already signs of violence in Ennis. In terms of how the True Detective anthology tells its stories, plot goes back to the past. In the first scenes The reason why mines and environmental damage are taking a toll on Ennis is explained.

But everything also points to the fact that the violence between the city’s inhabitants and what happens is not entirely the result of something human. In the first chapter, two characters mentioned that in Alaska the possibility of paranormal activity is inevitable. Either because it causes months of complete darkness for the residents, or because there is actually something in the region causing the unknown. The truth is that Ennis and the rest of the surrounding area are doomed to suffer under inexplicable circumstances.

This plot element ties into what happens in Chapter Three. Already on the fifth day of the night, the mood in the city changes. The discovery of the missing victims frightened a significant portion of the residents. But it also showed that the onset of night, which lasted for months, attracted forces beyond the scientific method or any police investigation. Once again, the animals behave aggressively and disturbing visions associated with darkness appear. But this argument points differently. Things will only get worse as the night gets deeper and fuller.

Supernatural in the fourth season of True Detective

In the series, dark events are associated with the last sunset of the year, indicating the months in the depths of winter. But after the awakening of a force – or element – that cannot flourish in the light of day. So, the last scene of the chapter, which announces the terrible event at the door: clears the way to the most difficult part of the series.

Whatever threatens people feeds on their pain and shame. And he will use the forces of nature to escape. Is it a combination of human and invisible forces? This is what marks the middle of the production season.

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