that tape Anyone but you This is a great romantic comedy that came to save the genre in difficult times, no one doubts that. It’s not like it’s become a social media phenomenon, reminding us of the power of their promotion in Hollywood. But what no one expected was that some of his scenes could be dangerous and even deadly for the main characters. What happened during the filming of the Christmas hit was a huge event.

Both actors separately spoke about the most terrifying moments they had to go through during filming. Anyone but youor. And as curious as it may seem, Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria) and Glen Powell (Maverick) agreed that the scariest moment was the same for both of them. This is an action sequence in which you hold a wooden spider in your hands. This species, which grows up to 15 centimeters, also has a sometimes dangerous and painful bite. Which the actress confirmed during the performance of one of the scenes that became iconic in the film.

As Sweeney explained on the program. Jimmy FallonWhat started as a joke turned into a terrifying moment. During filming, an insect bit him not once, but several times. So much so that the actress screamed in fear and pain. Surreal detail? The script states that his character did exactly that, so even those in charge The production or sample risk trainers paid too much attention to what happened.

It must have been Powell who finally noticed that something wasn’t quite right about what was happening. By then, Sweeney was terrified, in pain and, she told Fallon, fearing for her life. A situation he never expected to encounter on set Anyone but you.

Same thing with Glen Powell.

But the actress was not the only one who had serious incidents on the set. Glen Powell came very close to suffering a fatal incident when he tried to help his co-star during a spider attack. This time it happened while he was trying to look realistic in the same arachnid scene. While wearing it, he had to undress to make sure he didn’t have another insect under his clothes.

But in doing so, he lost his balance and almost fell off the cliff he was on. According to what he told Jimmy Fallon, he was scared by the possibility of falling, but accepted the risk given the outcome of the scene. According to him, this is one of the funniest Anyone but you and the one that best defines the relationship between the central couple.

Anyone but You became an instant hit despite a weak debut at the box office. However, a viral challenge on TikTok brought the film not only a triumph among young audiences, but also one that can give the romantic comedy a second and much-needed wind.

Source: Hiper Textual

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